Romance Tip: A Little (Date) Night Music

Flickr: Photo by MilesGehm

What's a couple to do! You want to perk up your date night, but you're not sure you're up for an adventure worthy of Tina Fey and Steve Carell?

Here's an idea: Go out and see some live music instead! There's jazz, there's blues, there are local guitar heroes -- and of course, there's that Motley Crue cover band you've been secretly hoping to snicker at.

Even when it's bad, live music reminds you of more carefree times. Plus, that lead singer's hair will have the two of you laughing for weeks.




Here are some strategies for finding great local music:

  • Sign up with a site like Pollstar or Tourfilter to get notified when your favorite band comes to town. 
  • Get your local paper and peruse the "live music" listings. If something strikes your fancy, Google the band to get a preview of their music.
  • Most local papers have online entertainment listings. Check that, and see if you can sign up for their weekly notifications.
  • Local colleges, especially ones with great music programs, often have recitals and graduate performances.

Well, I hope I've inspired you -- now it's up to you to follow up. Please post below if you've had a great date night. With a toddler who's not sleep-trained and another baby on the way, my own date nights are (temporarily) very boring!

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