Best Sex Position for Breastfeeders

couple feet bedDon't touch my boobs!

My husband must get so sick of me saying this. My breasts, although so tempting to my man with their increased fullness, are no longer for his pleasure. My "twins" are to breastfeed our twins and nothing more.

For me, sex can be challenging with two loaded boobies. I need a position that doesn't make them bounce around a lot ...


The best sex position for breastfeeders is man on top, but with your torsos in an "L" shape. The movements must be super slow and there must be lots of lube involved. I kept my bra on -- there was lots of milk leakage. Plus, I'm on my back and my hands can "protect" my milk providers if need be.

I swear it's sexy.

This position is also good for women who are pre-menstral -- some have breast sensitivity around this time.

Lactating moms, what do you think? What sex position works best for you?

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