Vintage Vibrator Fun Facts

vintage vibrator

Photo by Miss Karen

Ah, the history of sex, sexiness, and sexytimes -- and I'm talking about in general, not my own dirty deeds. (Though if you want to know ....)

Since we're just starting out delving into this topic, I'm going to be gentle with you, as if we were virgins.

Here are some fun facts about my favorite "mother's little helper," the vibrator.

  • Kinky ancient Greek doctors treated "hysteria," a nervous condition they thought was a result of having a uterus, with "hysterical paroxysm." Jilling off, shall we say?
  • Inventor George Taylor patented steam-powered vibrators in 1869 and 1872. Dr. Geoge made house calls where he took care of women so they wouldn't overindulge.
  • In the early 1880s, a battery-powered electric model was introduced, and were only used in a doctor's office. (Awk-warrrd!)
  • The company Hamilton Beach patented a hand-held vibrator in 1902. Note: They also made my toaster!
  • Until the 20s, vibrators were advertised in women's magazines and catalogs as home-health devices that would give you rosy cheeks and a relaxed attitude.
  • From the 20s to the 60s, vibrators were still sold, but in disguised form -- something you'd massage your shoulders with, even though it was shaped like a penis.

There is a vibrator museum just up the street from me, and I'm going to hop on down there soon to do some research. Really! The things I do for you ladies!

Does vibrator use help you with any bouts of hysteria?

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