Romance Tip: Buy Yourself Flowers


Photo by curveymama

I love flowers. Any kind. I love getting them, smelling them, looking at them, even the act of cutting the stems so they fit in my vase gives me a zen-like euphoric feeling.

Am I easy to please?


And sometimes I like to please myself. So I buy myself flowers.


Why don't you ... buy yourself flowers today?

  • They're pretty.
  • Provide an instant mood boost.
  • How cute you will look walking down the street with a bouquet!
  • It's like you are romancing yourself. And who knows how to please you more than you.
  • After a couple of days you can pick off the petals and add them to your bath.
  • You can even add your partner to that bath if you wish.

I'd buy myself peonies if they were in season. What kind of flower would you buy?


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