Erotic Ideas: Waterproof Vibrators

rubber duck vibrator

Remove all those floaty toys and rubber duckies from the tub (except the vibrating ones), but keep the safety spout cover on -- it's bath time, the adult version.


First get the bubbles going -- Foxy Rose Allotta Bubbles ($18) from Soaptopia is sulfate-free and made with essential oils. And it smells like roses!

Light a candle, turn out the lights.


waterproof vibratorThen get naked.

You don't need a partner for this, but if you have one, have him get naked, too.

Don't forget your toys. Babeland's waterproof vibrators, I Rub My Duckie ($25) and Bubbles Vibe ($74), are two of my favorites.

Just make sure you take them out of the bathroom before the kids get home.

Rub a dub dub!

Which vibe would you use?


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