14 Times Kate Middleton Looked Like She Needed a Nap

Meredith Gordon | Dec 10, 2015 Celebrities
14 Times Kate Middleton Looked Like She Needed a Nap
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Being a princess must be nice, right? Well, it might not actually be as glamorous as Disney made us think it was. (I mean, becoming a princess always equated to having a happily ever after, right?) Let's look toward Kate Middleton, who may be a member of the British royal family but, let's not forget, is also a mom to two young children who keep her on her toes every day. 

Little Prince George and Princess Charlotte, coupled with Kate's busy schedule of public appearances, mean Kate's definitely one tired mama. She usually keeps up a perfect public image, but on occasion, we can catch Kate looking like she's about to nod off while standing still. Do we blame her though? Her schedule is probably insane. So if you're a mom who feels fatigued, don't worry, so does Kate Middleton. Just look and see. Even princesses get worn out by modern motherhood. (Talk about being relatable.) 

We wonder how many times Kate has fought off yawns while in front of cameras and audiences (which is like 24/7). I guess that's just the price you pay as royalty. 

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