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    Ask anyone from La Leche League and they'll tell you that boobs and children simply don't mix. Yes, you bet I'm being extremely sarcastic right now, but one Disneyland worker would definitely argue in favor of keeping our womanly assets well hidden if we want to enjoy the happiest place on Earth. He even went as far as scolding a mom for letting her cleavage peek out!

    Melissa Behnken was enjoying a day at the theme park with her Marine husband and three kids when an elderly male Disneyland worker reportedly approached her and told her she needed to "pull her top up." When she asked him if he was serious, he replied, "This is a family park. You are showing too much."

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    We thought that the next time we'd see Kate Middleton and Prince William out of the U.K., they'd be headed Down Under for their highly anticipated royal tour! Not so, it seems. Apparently, they've jetted out of the cold today to enjoy a week-long relaxing getaway in Maldives!

    According to local media, the couple arrived on a British Airways plane this morning and were whisked away by security officials to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport VIP Lounge. They're reportedly staying at a recently opened private resort on the island, and it's unknown whether or not they're with 8-month-old Prince George. In other words, especially considering that Maldives was on the couple's short list for honeymoon destinations before settling on Seychelles, this could very well be a romantic time-out for the royal couple. Ooh la la!

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    A cabin steward on a Holland America cruise ship has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated sexual abuse after he confessed to raping, beating, and trying to throw a female passenger off the ship because she called him a "son of a b***h." The American woman, 31, whose name has not been released, was vacationing on the Bare Necessities nudist cruise when 28-year-old Ketut Pujayasa, who is Indonesian, knocked on her cabin door to deliver her breakfast. She called out, "Wait a minute, son of a b***h," and the insult sent Pujayasa into a rage.

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    If you are like me, the most you've ever tried to get past a TSA guard is a few toiletries that didn't fit into the required zip-top baggie. Most of the 638,705,790 passengers don't even try to get a bottle of Evian through these days. The rules are clear and finite. Though not everyone sees it that way. The TSA has shared some of the crazy things that passengers have tried to smuggle in their checked and carry-on luggage. It just may leave you shocked and terrified to fly.


    Image via TSA

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    Traveling during the holiday season can be extremely stressful. There's the business of buying the tickets (expensive) and then there's actually doing said traveling (atrocious). You've got so much on your mind, that worrying about your safety almost goes by the wayside. Sadly, travelers on Sunday morning found themselves in a terrifying, and tragically for some, life-ending accident. 

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    Taking Road Trips With Kids: Then & Now

    posted by Jenny Isenman November 20, 2013 at 12:34 PM in Big Kid
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    As a writer and Gen Xer, I'm truly fascinated by how different things are for our kids' generation, and I often find myself pointing out the ironies in the gap. For instance, the road trips I remember as a child were so very different from the way they are for my kids today. Sure, there are a few similarities -- we elbowed our siblings, rolled our eyes at our parents as they blared their oldies, and asked "How much farther now?" more times than the Smurfs on their way to visit Father Time. (How many of you were with me for that reference?)

    And yes, my kids have to go to the bathroom the second we hit the highway, the same way we did, but that may be where the similarities end. Here's proof:

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    Unless you're going cross-country or to Europe, it seems (and even then!) the days of getting a free meal on board an airplane are long gone. Some airlines even have the nerve to charge for piddly snacks that used to be obvious freebies. It's really sad. But it's also why something that happened aboard a recent Delta flight was so cool ...

    En route to Atlanta from Boston, the plane was diverted due to inclement weather, and ended up sitting on the runway in Knoxville, Tennessee for several hours. (Ugh! And I thought having to endure a five-hour delay while hanging out in the Fort Lauderdale airport was a pain in the neck!) So, in what appears to be an effort to prevent passengers from getting hungry and, in turn, outraged, the airline, TSA, and local police banded together to ... throw a pizza party on the plane! Ha, yes, really!!

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    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: You know those long-suffering Carnival cruise passengers who just finally, finally, FINALLY made it back to shore after days of being lost at sea on a sewage-filled ship of horrors? Those cruise passengers who were so relieved that their terrible ordeal was over they literally kissed the Alabama ground? Well, turns out their ordeal wasn't over at all.

    Apparently the "caravan" of buses chartered by Carnival to transport the miserable travelers from Mobile to New Orleans has run into some technical difficulties ... "at least one of the buses" has become stranded. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Being stranded on a charter bus would be a nightmare under the best of circumstances, but AFTER days of drifting on one big poop deck?!

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    Have you ever left something behind at a hotel? Oh, come on, you can admit it. Everybody loses something on vacation at some point or another. What with all the packing and the unpacking and the early check-out times and the fact that you're probably jet-lagged and/or hungover and/or whatever else, it's tough to stay organized when you're traveling.

    Then, by the time you realize you left your phone charger or your hair dryer or your favorite necklace in your room, it's too late to go back -- and don't even bother calling the hotel, because if whatever you forgot was valuable, well, you'll never see whatever it was again. Unless, of course, whatever you left behind was valuable AND of a highly personal nature. I mean highly, highly personal. Not like diamond engagement ring valuable/personal or even family heirloom valuable/personal ... more like ... breast implants valuable/personal.

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    In the past 30 years, many accepted practices have changed. What people considered normal and safe back then -- transporting your newborn in the front-seat, having a latchkey kid at age 6, and letting them explore the woods with no parental guidance -- is pretty much grounds for arrest these days. But, in that simpler time they call the '80s, there were some great ideas that I'm thinkin' we should totally revive -- the way Disney Channel stars have brought back overly-sequined attire, off-the-shoulder shirts, and leopard print day-glow leggings!

    Thanks, Shake It Up, I can barely look at my daughter without retinal strain!

    Let's be clear: some of these suggestions could possibly get you arrested (by Joan Rivers and the fashion police), but I think they're worth bringing back, or are they? You decide ...

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