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    Alleged cult leader Victor Barnard is on the run from law enforcement, after being charged with 59 counts of sexual misconduct with two of his minor followers. A nationwide warrant was issued on April 11, when he was believed to be in the Spokane, Washington area, where his religious group relocated from Minnesota in 2008.

    Airports and borders are being checked for the fugitive, but investigators think it's more likely that his "followers may be shuffling him from home to home."

    It's believed that he sexually molested many other underage girls, who lived on his compound and were known as "maidens."

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    A 14-year-old girl connected with a 28-year-old stranger named Gregory Lionel Foster on Facebook. A fear so many parents have. It's unclear if this was planned, but sometime after, Foster saw the girl at a gas station where he bought her snacks and a drink. He offered the girl a ride home. He kidnapped her. Less than seven hours later, the girl was saved by Orlando police, but not before she was forced to have sex with Foster who then attempted to make her a prostitute. Foster has been charged with human trafficking and kidnapping.

    In total there were 44 people arrested during a three-day sting. This unthinkable crime happens all too often. What happens is those kidnapped fall into what the police call dysfunctional relationships because they are vulnerable and easily manipulated. They tell the young girls they are beautiful and give them gifts, but use them to make money when they sell them for sex. Police say there is a demand for the sex trafficking of minors.

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    Two registered sex offenders believed to have been working together were charged on Monday with four felony counts each of rape and "special circumstances murder" in the horrific deaths of four California women last year.

    Police believe that the two men, Franc Cano, 27, and Steven Dean Gordon, 45, may be responsible for even more heinous crimes and have contacted authorities in other missing persons cases across the country. If convicted, the men face potential life sentences without parole or even the death penalty.

    The scariest part of this whole story is that both men were under police supervision -- and were wearing GPS ankle monitors at the times of the killings last October.

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    You would think someone who spends his time doing something as illegal -- and disgusting -- as exchanging images of children having sex would be an absolute genius at hiding his vice. Lucky for all of us, 61-year-old Michael Murray is not that savvy and will now get exactly what he deserves for his immoral actions. The man recently dropped off his laptop at a Best Buy store in New York to be repaired, but failed to delete a slideshow of young girls having sex with older men -- which popped up when one of the store's technicians rebooted his computer.

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    A man has committed a heinous crime -- and it looks like he got away with it. Multimillionaire and DuPont heir Robert Richards was convicted of raping his then-3-year-old daughter 10 years ago, but he won't serve any jail time because the judge fears he wouldn't "fare well" in prison. He has admitted to molesting his toddler-aged son as well. The court details from nearly a decade ago were just revealed because Richards' ex-wife Tracy is suing him for the assaults and for negligence.

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    Imagine you're shopping for shoes and a strange man asks you if you'd like some help trying on a pair. Okay, you probably think, the guy isn't wearing a name tag but I guess he's just a helpful salesman? Oh, but then he begins nonchalantly placing your toes into his mouth so he can suck on them.

    Sure doesn't happen every day, does it? But when it does, as it did to Erika Porras as she was minding her own business and picking out footwear at a Walmart in North Carolina, you can bet your bottom dollar you're going to be spooked out and get police involved. And then you discover this isn't the man's first time getting in trouble with the law for loving the taste -- texture, smell, what is it exactly?! -- of feet. And that's when things begin to get really strange.

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    A high school teacher in Pennsylvania named Emily Nesbit is facing felony charges after she was caught having sex with one of her students. The twist here that is different from many similar stories we've heard before ... The student is 18 years old currently, and it seems that he was when he was in this inappropriate relationship with Nesbit.

    The 11th grade English teacher admitted she had been having sex with him, and they were even involved in an encounter in a classroom as recently as two weeks ago, according to Cumberland County authorities. But two days after school officials learned of her alleged hook-ups, Nesbit reportedly abruptly resigned, later turning herself into police on Friday. She was then formally charged with institutional sexual assault and now faces up to seven years behind bars. (Meanwhile, the student faces no charges.)

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    A Colorado mom and her two children -- a 5-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl -- were found dead at their home after the woman's teenage daughter called police to report that she had been sexually assaulted. Cops say the teen ran to a neighbor's house to call 911 and that when help arrived at the family's home, they found the rest of her family slain. The suspect was also found inside their home and was immediately arrested. He is being identified as a 31-year-old man who is a convicted sex offender and was a friend of the mom's who had been living at their house with them.

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    Alleged rapist Bryon E. Johnston might still be on the loose if not for his love of Starbucks coffee. The 35-year-old allegedly abducted a woman from a bus stop back in November and raped her and then reportedly committed a similar act with a woman in February. As the woman who claims she was raped last month fled from the suspect's car and ran across a motel parking lot, a paper Starbucks cup fell out of his car. The information cops obtained from something most of us would consider trash helped lead to the man's arrest.

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    Another grossly inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student may have been exposed. Texas school teacher Sharon Lynn Hoskison is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She turned herself in after police issued a warrant for her arrest. Hoskison taught eighth-grade social studies. She's now on administrative leave. The student is 17 years old. 

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