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    Oh good grief. Will the GOP ever learn? One Republican congressman from Florida is in some hot water over a recent fundraiser for men only. Steve Southerland hosted an intimate event last March for a "small group of concerned men," according to an invitation obtained by BuzzFeed.

    The invitation, which seems to have come straight from 1953, stated that attendees should "tell the misses not to wait up" because "the after dinner whiskey and cigars will be smooth & the issues to discuss are many."

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    When it comes to the effect being bullied can have on a person's self-esteem, perhaps no one understands the lasting impression more than Lizzie Velasquez. She was deemed to be the "World's Ugliest Woman" in a YouTube video when she was just a teenager.

    Now 25 years old, Lizzie was born with a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight, as she only weighs a mere 58 pounds.

    But instead of letting cruel bullies get the best of her, Lizzie has made it her life's mission to make a difference and hopefully put an end to other kids going through the same kind of suffering she was forced to endure.

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    Hillary Clinton has amassed her fair share of haters over the years. From her hair to her politics to her pantsuits, she has dealt with a tremendous amount of scrutiny. So given the fact that she is likely to make a run for the White House, we don't expect it to let up anytime soon. The latest thing that has put a bull's eye on the former First Lady's back? Her demands for speaking engagements have some calling her a BIG DIVA.

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    Imagine getting a letter in the mail informing you that your marriage was no longer legal. That under the eyes of the law, your union simply doesn't exist anymore. For most of us, that seems like a total impossibility; however, that is precisely what happened to Kris Perry and Sandy Stier. Though they say Proposition 8 didn't just ban gay marriage in California, it also meant they were second class citizens. It meant their love didn't matter.

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    Ann Coulter just leaves us shaking our heads. I swear they should change her name to Ann "Sh*t Stirrer" Coulter. Why? Because everything that comes out of her mouth is guaranteed to be insulting, aggravating, and ignorant. Really ignorant. Take her recent, outrageous comments on soccer and the World Cup.

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    Holy moly! In news no one saw coming ... House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary in Virginia Tuesday night to the virtually unknown Dave Brat, a Tea Party-backed candidate who believes in the free market and "adherence to the Constitution."

    An economics professor and political newbie took down the second highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives in a primary. Want to hear something even more impressive? Cantor reportedly spent $5 million in his reelection effort, while Brat spent a measly $122,000. Like I said -- holy moly! And he won with a whopping 56 percent of the vote to Cantor's 44 percent.

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    It's always irritating to listen to someone harp about some perceived injustice that just isn't true. My kids at bedtime for example -- they really don't think it's fair that I get to stay up later than them. I tell them when they get jobs and start contributing to the household finances, we'll talk. Until then, all's fair in love, war, and children's bedtimes.

    Another totally fake injustice I keep hearing people squabble about is "equal pay." President Obama has been harping about it on Twitter all day Tuesday, or at least whoever manages his social media accounts has been posting graphics claiming that it's not 1963 anymore, and it's time for women to receive equal pay. Just in case you're wondering about the relevance, June 10 is the 51st anniversary of JFK signing the Equal Pay Act of 1963, abolishing wage discrepancies based on gender.

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    Did you hear the shocking news that is clearly an indication of a MAJOR breach in our national security? President Barack Obama was working out in the gym of the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw when someone -- possibly a nefarious someone? -- managed to get close enough to FILM him. The resulting video has been leaked, and people all over the world are asking one question: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

    President Obama is in Eastern Europe to reaffirm his commitment to NATO allies over the crisis in Ukraine, but obviously he should be far more worried about the crisis happening within his own Secret Service. Why were regular citizens allowed to be near him? Shouldn't he have had a special bulletproof workout room built using American tax dollars? If the President can be filmed working out, what's next -- men and women marrying farm animals?????

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    As far as dream prom dates go, I'd imagine Joe Biden isn't really that far up on the list for most high school students. But Talia Maselli couldn't imagine anyone more perfect than the Vice President, so seven months ago, she wrote a note to him with an invitation and stuck it in the mail.

    She was shocked last Thursday, the eve of her prom, when she got a special delivery -- a wrist corsage and a handwritten note from the Veep himself, expressing his condolences that he wouldn't be able to make it to Connecticut that evening.

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    You never know who could be watching you while you're doing something totally gross, like picking your nose or squeezing your blackheads. That is, of course, unless you are a high(ish)-profile politician who is used to attending meetings in which TV cameras are positioned all over the room. Then there is no excuse for your disgusting behavior.

    Clearly, Congressman Joe Garcia from Florida did not get this message because he was recently caught on video picking his ear and then eating it. Wait, people actually do that? Of course, the footage quickly went viral and now it will be impossible for this man's colleagues to shake his hand without thinking, ew, I know where those fingers have been.

    What was he thinking?!

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