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    UPDATE: An arrest warrant was issued for Jesse Leroy Matthew after police say he led them on a high-speed chase Saturday. He was charged with two counts of reckless driving. Police are still questioning him in connection with Graham's disappearance.

    Police say a male nursing assistant is a "person of interest" in the mysterious case of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, who disappeared on September 12. Although no arrests have been made, authorities were reportedly able to confirm that Jesse "LJ" Matthew says he met up with the 18-year-old at Charlottesville Downtown Mall the night she went missing. He also reportedly admitted to buying her alcoholic drinks at a bar.

    But that's as far as it went, the man swears. Matthew, a nursing assistant at UVA Hospital, says he went his way that night and Hannah went hers, and that the British teen did not get into his car, as police suspect.

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    A chilling surveillance video has surfaced after an 18-year-old University of Virginia student went missing over the weekend that shows a man following her at a mall.

    The last text message Hannah Graham sent to a friend read, "I'm coming to a party ... but I'm lost," which was received at 1:20 a.m. A video shows she was at the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville about a half hour after she left an off-campus party -- and that a man can be seen glancing briefly over his shoulder as he walks down a street before stepping into a doorway and stopping. After Graham walks by the doorway a few minutes later, the same man is spotted stepping out and following her.

    In a second video, which was filmed two minutes later, the young girl is spotted walking with another woman while the man from the doorway trails behind them.

    Police were actually able to find and question the mystery man, but what he had to say only confused matters even more for police.

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    After a Maryland mother and her two toddlers mysteriously went missing for five days this week, the woman, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, was reportedly picked up by police on a street Friday. But her two children, Jacob Hoggle, 2, and Sarah Hoggle, 3, are still missing and police say they are extremely concerned for their welfare.

    Catherine Hoggle was discovered by police in Germantown and it is believed, judging by her disheveled appearance, that she spent her days and nights on the street. They say she even looked like a different person -- one who had cut her hair while she was reported missing, according to cops. But the greatest -- and most heartbreaking mystery remains: where are her two young children?

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    After an Amber Alert was issued and police spent the entire night searching for a missing 4-year-old autistic boy from Florida, they announced early this morning that Ismael "Tristan" Santisteban was found and is alive and well. But the gruesome details surrounding his disappearance still leave us with a great many questions and concerns for the boy.

    Police were first called to the family's home on August 28 after Tristan's mother claimed a man named Adam Matos, 28, held a knife to her throat. Matos may or may not be Tristan's biological father or stepfather, but we do know he had close ties to the child. After a relative in Pennsylvania called cops because she hadn't heard from the family in a week, they made a welfare check last night and discovered a horrifying scene: four bodies were discovered dead and piled on top of one another near their home.

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    An Amber Alert has been called off after two Amish sisters were discovered alive and well in New York after they were reported missing on Wednesday night.

    Fannie Miller, 12, and Delila Miller, 6, were working at their family's roadside vegetable stand in their rural upstate New York Amish community when they reportedly noticed a white sedan pull up. They walked to the roadside to greet the customer, and then they suddenly vanished. One witness says he saw the driver put something in the backseat.

    A statewide Amber Alert was issued, and police began taking steps to find the girls. But this proved to be a Herculean task because the family had no photos of either girl and their traditional belief system conflicted greatly with the authorities' needs.

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    Police have called off the search for a mother of two from Oregon, who vanished on July 24, and her husband is beyond upset and asking for the public to help him find her.

    Jennifer Huston was last spotted by surveillance cameras withdrawing money from a bank, filling up her car with gas, and buying Gatorade, trail mix, and sleeping pills at a drug store. She was reportedly driving her Lexus, which husband Kallen Huston says had a huge crack in it that couldn't be missed.

    But cops, after searching with helicopters and even traveling to Washington's San Juan islands, where the woman's family often vacationed, pretty much threw up their hands and made it clear that there was little else they could do.

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    It's rare that missing children stories have a happy ending; however, one set of New Hampshire parents have the answer to their prayers. Nine months after Abigail Hernandez went missing, she has returned home safe and sound.

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    I'm beyond excited to share with you a story about a missing child that has a happy ending -- but the bizarre facts may leave you scratching your head and wondering what other details are about to surface.

    First the great news: after 11 days missing, Charlie Bothuell V, 12, was found alive and well. From what we know so far, there was not a scratch on his body.

    Now the crazy part: the Detroit child was discovered in his father's basement, hiding behind a makeshift barricade that cops say he couldn't have built himself. And police had already searched the house four times -- once with a cadaver dog -- before spotting the boy, whom they say looked happy, nervous, and hungry.

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    The week-long search for a missing 16-year-old girl is, thankfully, over and a registered sex offender has been charged with attempted murder and unlawful sexual activity after a high-speed police chase.

    Ashley Lyon, who is from Florida, was spotted traveling with Steven Patrick Myers, 41, by truck stop cashier Fawn Lasseigne Domingue, who recognized the girl's photo from her family's extensive social media campaign efforts to find her. The worker, who had actually read about the missing girl earlier that day on Facebook, called police when she spotted them in the store. The horrific events leading to Lyon's rescue are not to be believed.

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    It's every new mom's worst nightmare. You give birth, trust that the hospital workers are going to take good care of your baby and protect her, and are then told something horrific: someone kidnapped your newborn -- right there in the one place where he and you should feel safe and secure.

    Melissa McMahon lived this nightmare just a few days ago. The mom, who is from Quebec, simply did something most of us have done. She let a woman who she assumed to be a nurse take her baby from her room to be weighed. But the woman, who was dressed in scrubs, was only posing as a member of the hospital's staff. She snatched the infant girl and took off.

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