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    Some people raise kids in the city. Some people raise kids in the country. And then there are the moms and dads who are raising kids in the military.

    Don't see the difference? Then you're obviously not a military mom! Military kids are like other American kids in many ways -- but they tend to move a lot more, have siblings born in far-flung places, and the language they speak is one that's all their own.

    Just ask a mom raising her kid in the service, and you'll hear a long list of signs her kids are "different." But don't take our word for it -- The Stir asked military moms for the telltale signs that they're raising military kids ...

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    If you think parents and kids are the only ones who are all gaga over Disney's Frozen right now, you're totally mistaken. Apparently college baseball players are just as crazy about the flick.

    Stop whatever you are doing immediately (other than reading this post) -- because this video of Navy's Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby lip-syncing to "Love Is an Open Door" will absolutely make your day and then some.

    And if you think this sounds a little familiar, you aren't mistaken.

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    There are certain types of people in the world that restore everyone else's faith in humanity. You know, the kind that are always willing to lend a hand, to jump into action, and are just genuinely decent human beings.

    One of them is Sgt. James Yates, an Army reservist, who rescued a neighbor pinned under her SUV last weekend before heading off to be honored at an Iowa Barnstormers football game.

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    Parents, let's get real here. A lot of the things we (and other adults) say to our kids goes in one ear and out the other. Kids may look like they're listening -- okay, fine, they don't even really feign interest. But maybe it's because our approach is all wrong. Maybe it's because we're not rapping to our kids.

    An awesome, awesome staff sergeant explained to a little girl how to take care of her cast after she broke a bone in her leg. And there's no way on Earth the girl didn't heed the advice because this song is all but impossible to get out of your head.

    Check out what could be the world's best example of how to get a kid to listen:

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    Ask anyone from La Leche League and they'll tell you that boobs and children simply don't mix. Yes, you bet I'm being extremely sarcastic right now, but one Disneyland worker would definitely argue in favor of keeping our womanly assets well hidden if we want to enjoy the happiest place on Earth. He even went as far as scolding a mom for letting her cleavage peek out!

    Melissa Behnken was enjoying a day at the theme park with her Marine husband and three kids when an elderly male Disneyland worker reportedly approached her and told her she needed to "pull her top up." When she asked him if he was serious, he replied, "This is a family park. You are showing too much."

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    Hugh and Ruby Mathis thought they were doing a good deed when they opened their door to their 20-something neighbor who claimed he wanted to use their phone. The young man had done odd jobs for the elderly Ohio couple before, so they were caught off guard by what happened next.

    Robert Kelly Jr. allegedly pulled a knife on Hugh, a WWII vet, and demanded that the 92-year-old give him the money in his wallet. Being awesome, Hugh told him to "go to hell."

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    Second grader Lyrique Alteus had no idea when she would see her father, Air Force Sergeant Wil Alteus, again. He had been residing as a single father in New Jersey when he was called overseas on active duty last August. Upon learning of his deployment, he sent Lyrique to live with his sister Kinley in Florida. Since then, his time overseas had been extended, and in turn, Lyrique and Kinley were left waiting for word of his return. That is until last week ...

    Lyrique having a day like any other at Mount Dora Bible School when she was chosen to participate in a word game with her classmates. The group ended up spelling out the phrase "Lyrique's Dad Is Home," and you can only imagine the amazing look that spread across the youngster's face when she turned around and saw her airman father walking toward her in the auditorium!

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    The children of American soldiers who are stationed in Rota, Spain, were brought to a movie theater for a matinee performance. The real show, however, was the one they put on before the movie even started.

    At the beginning of the screening, the theater played the National Anthem. Then, without being prompted or asked, all 40 kids stood with their hands on their hearts and belted out the song.

    "It gives you chills to see patriotism like this displayed in youth at such a young age," wrote Hannah Kunze, the manager at the school program at the naval station. And no kidding! One by one, the kids -- ages 5 through 12 -- joined in and sang louder and louder. 

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    When a mass shooting occurs, we are often left with one question: Why? It's hard to imagine the reason someone would go on a rampage, killing innocent people. Now investigators may have stumbled across why Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez killed three fellow soldiers and injured 16 more.

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    My fellow Americans, a word? If you want to protest something -- anything -- you might want to leave the American flag out of it ... or at least be a little more respectful of Old Glory than a bunch of Albuquerque, New Mexico protesters were this week. Carting the flag upside down -- an official signal of distress -- the protesters were caught on video thumbing their noses at the national symbol.

    But while their act of insolence may be disheartening, the bravery the disrespect for the flag inspired in an angry US Marine and another serviceman is a beautiful show of patriotism! Ready to see some patriotic butt kicking? Watch what these servicemen do when they take note of the disrespect for our country:

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