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    Let's face it, if you are a Navy Seal, people are going to pay attention. They're going to sit up straight, look you in the eye, probably thank you for your service, and buy you a drink if you're drinking! And unfortunately some people take advantage of that and use the ol' "I'm a veteran" or "I'm in the service" line to get special favors. Even if they are NOT in the military. That's allegedly what Schoen Labombard pulled in Daytona Beach, Florida when he began telling anyone who would listen that he was a Navy Seal who needed help.

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    It seems like we live in a day and age in which anything and everything can be taken as offensive. And while you may be able to understand why certain people feel strongly about, say, gay marriage or off-color racist jokes or whatever, you really have to wrap your mind around what some people think are other so-called "offensive" topics and items.

    Like military uniforms.

    Yes, the uniforms men and women wear while sacrificing their lives to keep us safe. Apparently, at a school in Michigan, a father who has served in the Army for 24 years was denied entry into his daughter's high school because he was wearing a uniform that the security guard reportedly told him might "offend" certain students. His options were clear: change his clothes or go home.

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    An airman claims he's being denied reenlistment because he doesn't believe in God. An atheist airman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada has reportedly been denied reenlistment because he refuses to take the oath, "So help me God." The American Humanist Association, which is fighting the unnamed airman's case, says:

    The government cannot compel a nonbeliever to take an oath that affirms the existence of a supreme being.

    While the group asserts that numerous previous cases have found that atheists can have religious language omitted from military contracts, Air Force rules have been changed to demand that enlistees must take an oath to God during their allegiance, which the group says is unconstitutional.

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    Troops in Afghanistan still face a daunting task. So needless to say, they appreciate every care package and letter of encouragement that comes their way. But one letter in particular has inspired hundreds of soldiers, if not more. It was written by a little boy named Gavin whose message is as cute as it is cryptic. 

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    There has to be no better feeling in the world than coming home as a soldier after being deployed. Sometimes they even feel so good, they break into song -- and occasionally they're really good at it.

    This is one of those instances. U.S. Marine Matt Bussen was flying home from training in Alabama, when he got the chance to serenade his fellow passengers over the airplane intercom. He chose to sing Michael Bublé's "Home," and his soulful voice conveyed just how happy he was to be heading home himself.

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    A mom from Arizona who is in the Air Force has been charged with attempting to drown her 20-month-old daughter after she was told she was going to be deployed to Turkey but couldn't take her child with her.

    Phoeteama Janiece Neal, 28, who was stationed at Luke Air Force Base, got the announcement this week that she would be sent overseas on Aug. 31. She asked if she could take her daughter, but was denied her request and told by a judge that custody of her little girl would be given to the child's father.

    Neal then reportedly asked her commander at the base if she could be spared from deployment because of her parenting duties. She says she was told the Air Force would "get back to her."

    We'll never know whether this mom's request would have been honored because the next thing she did was too horrible to believe.

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    If there's one thing we Americans love, it's our service men and women who make the sacrifice to serve our country. So when we hear about a member of our troops being mistreated for showing their military pride, we get just a wee bit defensive. Like this story of an Iraqi war veteran who was denied entrance to a theme park for his "offensive" shirt supporting his fellow Marines.

    Mario Alejandro was recently turned away from New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure for wearing a shirt decorated witha star-spangeled M-16, and the catchphrase, "Keep Calm and Return Fire." That was apparently enough to keep him from enjoying his day at the amusement park with his family.

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    Taking advantage of people is totally uncool. Taking advantage of people who work every day fighting for your freedom to take advantage of them is even worse. Yet that seems to be what's happening with at least three stores who sell overpriced goods to service members on credit, and then take them to court when they can't pay.

    The tricky part is, thanks to a loophole in the law, stores like USA Discounters, Freedom Furniture and Electronics, and Military Credit Services, can file the suit in the Virginia courts, regardless of where the military member is stationed. So basically they have no way to defend themselves in court.

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    Faith in humanity restored. On July 7, Vietnam War veteran Michael Sulsona was shopping at Lowe's Home Improvement Center when his wheelchair fell apart. He had been waiting for a new chair from the Veterans Administration, as his old one had become increasingly unusable, but had been told he's "not entitled to a spare wheelchair." He lost both of his legs above the knee when he stepped on a landmine in 1971 while serving his country.

    Rather than awkwardly help him and ask who to call, three employees sprung into action fixing the war hero's busted wheelchair. By the time they left, 45 minutes after closing, it was as good as new.

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    Many people put stickers on their cars that show something about them. Ellen Wilson of Savannah, Georgia, has an "I Love My Soldier" bumper sticker on her car to show her support for her fiance in the military. This sticker apparently enraged someone so much that they left a threatening note on Wilson's windshield while she was shopping inside her local Target store.

    The note, which was unsigned, was clearly written by a person who was very angry -- it's a full-on rant with an underlined word and an expletive. It also contained a threat saying she was lucky he or she didn't slash her tires. There's more.

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