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    There's never a dull moment when you mix politics, business, celebrities, and tequila, is there? Put the whole thing in a Las Vegas setting, and you have the makings for a very entertaining scene that starts with a successful business man criticizing President Obama and ends with George Clooney storming off in a hissy fit.

    Well, according to Clooney's reps, that's not exactly what happened, but the actor did apparently admit to defending the President while using a string of expletives before making his exit.

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    I know many, many women who choose to see female gynecologists exclusively. Heck, I used to be one! Until just a few months ago, I never thought I'd voluntarily see a man doctor for my girly bits, but then one came highly recommended, and I gotta say -- it wasn't really any more unpleasant than the female docs I'd previously been to. His bedside manner was great, and I think I'll keep him as my regular.

    I may have made a different decision if I'd heard about this story before I booked my appointment. A gynecologist in Arkansas is being charged with video voyeurism for "allegedly [using] his cell phone to take nude photos of patients during office exams."

    Aghhh! Is that every woman's worst nightmare at the gyno's or what?

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    America, today's the day! If you haven't yet signed up for health insurance, the deadline is TODAY. So head on over to and ... uh oh, whoops. Um, this is so embarrassing ... apparently went offline for six hours earlier this morning. Then it came back, stronger than ever! Except not so strong, because it crashed again around noon. Oh wait -- it's back up again now! Give it a try? At this point you have a 50-50 chance of being able to complete an application.

    Those of you who started an application only to have the website crash on you in the middle of the process, you should have received an invitation to try again. I believe it looked something like this ...

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    The remains of more than 15,000 fetuses have been incinerated as "medical waste," with some being used to heat hospitals. At least two facilities in the UK have copped to burning the aborted and miscarried fetuses as part of what they called a "waste-to-energy" program while others burned them "alongside rubbish."

    The mothers were told that the remains had been cremated, which while technically true, denies the real truth of what has happened to the babies they never got to meet.

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    A potential cure dangles out of reach while a child suffers from a fatal illness -- and it takes thousands of people to turn everything around. A drug company will give medication to a dying 7-year-old boy thanks to a Facebook campaign. Josh Hardy is a cancer patient who contracted an adenovirus infection after a bone marrow transplant. His doctors pleaded with drug company Chimerix for an untested antiviral drug called Brincidofovir, but the company refused. So Hardy's mother turned to social media.

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    A Michigan woman was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail for scamming her community out of tens of thousands of dollars or more to pay for her cancer treatments. Problem was -- she didn’t have cancer.

    Sara Ylen, 38, professed to have developed cervical cancer as the result of a 2001 sexual assault, and claimed to have been regularly treated at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. She then took advantage of the Michigan-based Mercy Hospice for two years before they figured out that her life wasn’t in peril in 2011.

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    Chris Creekmore has made it his new mission to educate pregnant women on the importance of getting a flu shot regardless of the age of the fetus. He lost his wife to the H1N1 flu virus this week, less than a month after she miscarried the couple’s baby daughter.

    Leslie Creekmore was 20 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital on January 11 for shortness of breath. Her health declined rapidly, and two days later, she was on a ventilator in the ICU -- the same day she was supposed to receive her flu shot.

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    I know you’ll all be shocked to discover that the Obama Administration has changed the rules once again when it comes implementing the monstrosity known as the Affordable Care Act -- AKA ObamaCare.

    On Monday, officials announced another delay for the employer mandate -- the rule that says businesses of a certain size must provide health care coverage for their full time workers. They’d already pushed it back to 2015, but now they’ve decided that companies with 50-99 employees may wait until 2016 to implement the new law.

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    Last week AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong angered many when he blamed distressed babies as the reason employees weren't going to get certain benefits. He called out two babies, without using names. Babies born to his employees apparently cost the company millions and so now everyone else has to financially suffer because of these two kids. Maybe he sees babies as second class citizens who do not deserve life-saving procedures. Perhaps all those erectile dysfunction prescriptions were totally fine with him as they chipped away at the bottom line. But babies? Nope. Scapegoat them. Make all the employees angry they aren't getting the 401(k) they expected eyeball the people who had a baby this past year and see who to direct their anger at.

    The mother of one of the babies Armstrong blames spoke out. At first I was concerned Deanna Fei outed herself, but I understand why. She countered Armstrong's coldness with warmth. She put a face, a life, to the million dollars.

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    Impending parenthood can be pretty scary for some guys, especially when your baby mama is in labor and there’s nothing you can really do except hold her hand and/or pace the halls.

    One man in Florida recently attempted to calm his nerves by taking a few hits of weed in the maternity ward where his lady had been admitted to birth their child. David Bastin was caught at Martin Medical Center earlier this month after a nurse smelled a “whiff of spliff.”

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