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    There are women against feminism. I am not one of those women. I have experienced misogyny firsthand. Countless times. I've been witness to prejudice against women in several forms. I would love to live in a world where this wasn't an issue -- for me, for my daughter, for my sister and friends, for all women -- but as the saying goes, we still have a long way to go. Even now.

    Still, there is a movement called Women Against Feminism, and while I don't agree with all they have to say, I do think their core message is similar. If only we could work together on that. Women are people, just like men, and we deserve equal rights and treatment. But the movement is divisive, and that is not helpful. If there is any doubt feminism -- in its true form -- is needed, watch this video called "If Men Were Women."

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    Some things in life just aren't fair. At the top of that list for some women is the fact that men can walk around bare-chested and we can't. Thus the "Free the Nipple" movement was born. Women -- well, some women -- are tired of keeping their areolas out of sight. To support this fight, a bikini maker has created the Ta Ta Top. Which looks exactly like it sounds -- like a pair of exposed boobs.

    People who have taken up this cause seem to believe it's the next evolution of feminism. Once it was the right to vote, then fair and equal wages (a fight we haven't won as far as I'm concerned). Now it's supposed to be this? I personally have a hard time buying that and wonder how notable feminists would feel about it too. So, The Stir has mocked up what it would look like if outspoken proponents of women's rights sported this Ta Ta Top. Take a look.


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    The world's top child modeling agency has requested an interview with my daughter. (And I'm not talking one of those scam agencies that ends up charging you for photo packages.)

    Part of me views this as our Honey Boo-Boo fork in the road, one I should avoid at all costs. And half my friends agree with that part.

    "Don't do it," one wrote me on Facebook. "Seriously, preserve her childhood. And your sanity. And her sanity. And everyone's sanity. Fool's gold my friend, all that for what?"

    "Don't all parents think their kid can be a child model or actor?" asked another.

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    Being a professional cheerleader is hard work -- you've got to train, eat right, travel, always be, uh ... cheerful. But being a cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills -- or a Jill as they're called -- is even harder.

    You've got to keep your vagina clean.

    (Not sure what that means exactly? Don't worry, we'll give you all the details below.)

    As a result of a lawsuit brought against the Buffalo Bills by five former Jills, certain documents have come to light, including the code of conduct Jills are expected to follow. Some of these rules make sense, such as the one about cheerleaders being allowed only a certain number of absences before they're let go.

    Others are, oh, a little more condescending: "Always say "excuse me" when you burp, sneeze or cough. Even if you think there isn't anyone around." And: "Make-up left in the creases of your skin creates early wrinkles."

    But still others (related to the aformentioned clean vagina) are downright ridiculous.

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    Vanessa Knowles is a law student with big ambitions. She's also a professional stripper with countless fans supporting her endeavors on the web. A woman paying her way through college as a stripper is nothing new. In fact, you could argue it's a cliche. But Vanessa Knowles is different.

    Of course her use of the online medium makes this a fresh take on an old story, true. But more than that, it's Knowles' attitude. She has zero shame about her past (which includes a stint as an in-the-flesh lap dancer) and has been nothing but open about what she does for a living. In light of Duke student and porn actress Belle Knox taking ownership over her identity when a fellow student tried to "out" her, Knowles could be one of a new wave of sex workers who are out, proud, and unapologetic.

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    Ask anyone from La Leche League and they'll tell you that boobs and children simply don't mix. Yes, you bet I'm being extremely sarcastic right now, but one Disneyland worker would definitely argue in favor of keeping our womanly assets well hidden if we want to enjoy the happiest place on Earth. He even went as far as scolding a mom for letting her cleavage peek out!

    Melissa Behnken was enjoying a day at the theme park with her Marine husband and three kids when an elderly male Disneyland worker reportedly approached her and told her she needed to "pull her top up." When she asked him if he was serious, he replied, "This is a family park. You are showing too much."

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    I love taking my 3-year-old daughter to the dog park with our puppy, but for a twisted reason no one would guess.

    Everywhere else -- the grocery store, post office, playground -- strangers stop whatever they're doing, bend down, and inform Skylar how adorable they think she is. So this teaches her to develop inner beauty how?

    At the dog park, human cuteness means nothing. Here, strangers pay attention only to Slater, our year-old Dachshund-Pinscher mix. Thank goodness for borderline insane people who are convinced that their pets either are human or vastly superior to humans. (Incidentally, as much as you try convincing others, and yourself, that your beloved Canine-American will not become just a dog once you have a child, that's exactly what happens, because my wife and I used to say the same thing.)

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    Tongues are clucking that Jennifer Aniston spent her 45th birthday yesterday sans fiance Justin Theroux, but come on, people. It was a Tuesday, and he was in NYC filming his new HBO series The Leftovers. Also, Jen had her own plate pretty full, as she spent her birthday eve with author and activist Gloria Steinem at The Makers Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.

    And it looks like all this hysteria and hoopla over the actress celebrating her big day like a single lady is especially ironic, given what she said to Gloria about her current relationship/parental status ...

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    If you really hate your name, there's no reason you should have to go through life with it. And as much as I feel "Sheila" is far from being the "ugliest" name out there, 41-year-old Sheila Ranea Crabtree strongly disagrees. A judge in Ohio recently approved her request to legally change her name to "Sexy," a moniker she feels better represents her bubbly, "free-spirited" personality. So now we can all officially call her Mrs. Sexy Crabtree, which I'm having a difficult time believing hasn't already been snagged and copyrighted by writers on The Simpsons

    It's great that Sexy/Sheila had the courage to do something she wanted to, and I have no doubt that someone who is this brave is also incredibly sexy and comfortable in her skin. But you have to wonder: did she consider how awkward certain situations might be once she starts introducing herself as "Sexy"?

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    Oh. No. Just about a week after Time depicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as nothing more than, as Slate described, "a pointy heel trampling an emasculated dude," here comes The New York Times Magazine with their ridiculous interpretation of the Democratic 2016 presidential election frontrunner. NYT staffer David Joachim tweeted a preview of the newspaper's Sunday magazine cover, stating that it shows Hillary "as you've never seen her." That's for damn sure.

    Check it out ...

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