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    Dozens of destructive tornadoes and storms swept across the Midwest this weekend, leaving at least six people dead in Illinois and demolishing countless neighborhoods, including Washington, Illinois -- where an entire segment of the community is now reportedly homeless. Seven counties in Illinois were declared state disaster areas and a total of 12 states were affected by the storms, which were all part of the same system: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and parts of New York.

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    If you've ever wondered what a grown man would look like wrestling a 7-foot shark you're in luck. A grown man recently wrestled a 7-foot shark in Nantucket and the entire thing is caught on tape. It's crazy. It's scary. It's just plain odd. And also, it's pissing a lot of people off. Check out the insane video and then let's discuss why it's kind of understandable why some people would be peeved at this.

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    Haters gon' hate, you know? Some know-it-all "scientists" are claiming that the Loch Ness monster isn't some enormous, mystical, unimaginably elusive creature living in the Scottish lake of the same name and are insisting that the ripples, bubbles, and water bumps people are seeing are in fact caused by an "active fault" line running under the body of water. 

    Oh yeah. Ok. Sure. Whatever you say, "research experts".

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    Happy Earth Day, tree huggers! Monday, April 22 marks the 43rd annual Earth Day celebrations, and billions of people around the world are encouraged to take a moment out of their busy day to appreciate this beautiful, generous planet that we call home.

    But just how well do you know your mother Earth? After you're done reducing, reusing, and recycling today, take a gander at these 9 fascinating facts about our planet. She's worth saving, you guys. Heard it here first.

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    Banning plastic bags from grocery stores in recent years seems to be the hot new trend for progressive enclaves like Los Angeles and Seattle that, you know, care about the environment. Because apparently using plastic bags to carry your food purchases home is the equivalent of clubbing baby seals. Or something.

    Anyway, we’ve known for a while that reusable grocery bags can make you ill (it seems that not everyone knows you’re supposed to wash them after carrying your raw chicken home in them), but now a new unintended consequence has come up -- shoplifting.

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    Lots of people have some kind of phobia revolving around a particular creature: Spiders, sharks, bats, snakes ... goldfish. Fine, maybe that last one isn't quite as common as the others. FINE, maybe I'm the only person I've ever met who has a goldfish phobia! But I have a feeling I won't be the sole (HA!) human being with this fishy fear for long! Nope, now that MONSTER GOLDFISH are invading Lake Tahoe, I wouldn't be surprised if people started squishing goldfish and keeping spiders in bowls as pets.

    Although it is the whole "keeping as pets" thing that started what's sure to be remembered for centuries as the Monster Goldfish Apocalypse. Or, more accurately, the whole "dumping as pets" thing, officially known as "aquarium dumping."

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    The State of the Union Address 2013 was on tonight, but if you missed it, have no fear -- I’m here to recap it for you. It can be hard to keep everything the president says straight, especially when he says things that directly contradict with other things he’s said or done in the past. So just for fun, let’s take some of his best lines of the night and match them up against his record, shall we?

    There were too many shady statements to mention them all here or I’d bore you as silly as if you had actually watched the speech. For the sake of brevity, let’s just go over the top 13 things he said that made me snicker, guffaw, or face-palm.

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    It's unbelievable what human beings can actually live through: An 18-year-old Australian boy named Matthew Allen was recently discovered by hikers after spending 9 weeks lost in the bush -- during a record heatwave reaching temperatures of 113 degrees. 9 weeks!?!? 113 degrees!?!? I can't even imagine surviving 9 DAYS under those conditions. Granted, the poor kid wasn't in particularly great shape when the hikers found him: Allen was reportedly "highly disoriented, partly blinded, covered in leeches, and suffering from gangrene." Over the course of 9 weeks, he also lost approximately 90 pounds -- half of his body weight. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

    How on earth did this kid live through such an insanely harrowing and miserable ordeal?! Well, that's sort of the strangest part of this horrible story -- besides apparently drinking water from a muddy stream, no one really knows how he survived.

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    The Gowanus CanalSad, sad news: The dolphin who spent today trapped in the highly toxic waters of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has died, officials say. Apparently injured and possibly tangled up in something, the approximately 7-foot-long, 200-pound creature struggled for hours as local residents, biologists and emergency responders watched helplessly. Because -- and this is the really sad part -- the Gowanus Canal is so polluted it's literally poisonous. Said Robert DiGiovanni, senior biologist at the Riverhead Foundation, “Unfortunately, all we can do is watch and wait for the tide to rise, so the animal can get out on its own. It’s not safe for us to get people in the water.”

    What a horrible way for this majestic animal to die. And what a horrible truth that this waterway ever got so polluted in the first place.

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    Now, I don't have much experience with fishing -- not in lakes or ponds or rivers or the deep blue sea -- so I'm not 100% certain about this, but I'm guessing that when you go fishing in a stream in your backyard, you probably have fairly low expectations about what you might catch. Like cousins Eric Stamatin and Andrew Gainariu, both 11 years old, who were only half-hoping to nab a couple of crayfish in the creek behind Eric's house (which extends from the middle branch of Michigan's Clinton River). As usual, the crayfish weren't biting -- so the kids gave up and decided to build a dam instead. No biggie.

    That's when they came across what they thought was a big rock. But, as you've probably already guessed (since why would a story about kids finding a rock make headlines?) it wasn't a rock at all.

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