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    I'm sure a lot of teachers use humor as a coping method when their jobs get frustrating. I'm sure a lot of teachers even joke to their students about how they occasionally imagine various fictional ways to get the kids to pay attention in class, like maybe through the use of helpful robots that encourage the kids to focus. But robots that also carry out the teacher's command to execute every teenager who acts out in class? I'm pretty sure as a parent that would worry me, so I'm not surprised a San Diego County teacher was forced to resign for voicing that exact fantasy.

    High school biology teacher Tuyet-Mai Thi Vo resigned from Oceanside Unified School District after she was investigated for telling her students that if she could, she'd program cyborgs to kill any student who misbehaved or didn't turn in their homework. Interestingly, she then received a glowing letter of recommendation from the superintendent and collected a $92,000 settlement on her way out the door.

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    I'm rolling my eyes at you, Jefferson County School Board, and your whack-a-doodle Advanced Placement US History curriculum. And I'm applauding the teachers and the students who are protesting it for its anti-American teachings.

    In fact, these kids are probably getting a better education by practicing their first amendment right to free speech than they would stuck at a desk in AP US History in this county, because a new proposal to review the way it's taught says, "Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife, or disregard of the law."

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    For some reason, a really powerful and accurate piece by a Forbes author was deleted yesterday. Thanks to the web caching capabilities of the Internet, however, we can still read it, and marvel at how true it is. It's titled "Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities," and I think you'll agree with every single one of contributor Bill Frezza's points.

    What's really amazing about this post, aside from the incredibly appropriate accompanying image which depicts a young woman provocatively swilling from a bottle of wine while splayed out on the floor, is the fact that Bill Frezza is the President of The Beta Foundation, the house corporation for the Chi Phi fraternity at MIT. It's deeply heartwarming and not at all terrifying to know this person is in a position to advise young fraternity bros and help them develop healthy, respectful attitudes toward women.

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    I confess I sometimes get flustered when it's time to send in snacks for the classroom -- so many dietary restrictions! So hard to find healthy options that can be stored in the class but aren't made entirely of pencil shavings and high fructose corn syrup! -- but I have to say, I've never been tempted to send in a platter of vagina cookies.

    Yes. You read that right: vagina cookies. According to a Reddit user's friend who is a teacher, that is exactly what a parent did when it was her turn to bring snacks for the class. The class of second graders, by the way. The mom brought a platter of sugar cookies decorated like vaginas, then pitched a complete fit when the teacher wouldn't hand them out to the confused students.

    You guys, there are SCREEN SHOTS that capture the utter insanity that went down over these cootchies cookies. Are you ready for this?

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    Gloria Rodriguez and Hector Ortiz's 5-year-old with special needs has had a rough start to the school year. After missing the first week and a half of school because they didn't "feel comfortable" accepting him without an action plan (which his mom tried to square away before the year started), the little guy managed to run away from his classroom.

    A police officer spotted him about two blocks away from the Buffalo school, where the administration had already gone into action trying to locate him. When his mom got a call about the incident, she says she was told that her child was going to be suspended for leaving school without permission.

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    I've heard school bus horror stories before -- and even experienced a minor issue firsthand with my kindergartener last year that nonetheless created a bunch of confusion and worry on our first day of school -- but this news out of South Carolina makes me want to hug my kids' driver and thank her for 1) being so consistently good-natured and patient even though I'm sure her job is a freaking nightmare sometimes, and 2) never once ditching a pukey kid on the side of the road.

    That's exactly what a driver did this week when one of her students complained of feeling sick. After an 11-year-old boy told her he was nauseous, the driver pulled over at the next unassigned stop, dropped him off ... and drove away. If a neighbor hadn't called the boy's mom, she wouldn't have even known where he was, or that he needed her help.

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    A mom in Ohio says she was so desperate to get her seventh-grade son into summer school that she offered up her diamond wedding ring when she couldn't afford the $400 tuition.

    Tamika Hamilton agreed to leave her ring, which of course has both monetary and sentimental value, with Maple Heights City Schools Superintendent Charles Keenan until she paid off the summer school amount in full. The suggestion to let them hold onto an item of value was Keenan's idea, but he insists he wasn't attempting to "run a pawn shop" and was simply trying to help out a parent in need.

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    How would you feel if your teenager was suspended from high school for writing a fiction piece about marijuana in his or her personal journal? And while you're thinking about that, here's another question: how would you feel if your teenager was suspended from high school for credible drug-related activities? Somewhere in between these two scenarios lies the truth, and while her father and school authorities fight it out in appeals, a high school girl may not be able to graduate with her class next May thanks to her 2014 suspension.

    The school cites their zero-tolerance drug policy for the girl's lengthy suspension, but her dad says what was written in her personal journal may not have reflected reality -- and that the punishment was far too severe.

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    A high school in Staten Island, New York, may be taking things too far with a strict new dress code that has landed 200 students in detention in less than two weeks. Tottenville High School has been accused of sexism for the new "Dress for Success" policy, since about 90 percent of the offenders just happened to be female.

    Banned clothing includes tank tops, low-cut blouses, tubes/halter and midriff tops, "short-shorts," and "mini-skirts," and prohibits "visible undergarments" as well as shorts and skirts shorter than a "relaxed hand-level." 

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    A middle school teacher in Washington, DC, made a very poor judgment call recently by assigning some homework asking students to compare President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Sixth graders at McKinley Middle School were asked to complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two leaders, using the example, "Both men abused their powers."

    Whoa. Hold up a second. There is so much wrong with this assignment that it's hard to know where to begin.

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