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    It's that time of year again. It's hotter than ever at the tail end of August, so it's time for 50,000-plus artsy, party-going types to gather in the Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival. It's a gathering centered around free love, community, and lots and lots of art, and while it may be hotter than blazes (usually -- this rain heavy rain storms delayed the event), it's supposed to be a really good time.

    Tragically, it didn't end so well for one artist in attendance. 29-year-old Alicia Louise Cipicchio was killed at Burning Man on Thursday, after being struck by a bus near Center Camp in Black Rock City, the temporary city constructed every year for the event. She was a manager at an art gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, and is said to have loved the outdoors.

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    A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed a gun range instructor in Arizona after she was handed an Uzi and taught how to fire it.

    Charles Vacca, 39, was shot in the head at the Bullets and Burgers gun range after the instructor reportedly handed the automatic Uzi to the little girl and provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it. Her parents actually filmed the entire thing on their phones. They were reportedly on vacation and perhaps assumed this was little more than a cute, novel thing to do.

    And, according to the manager of the gun range, the girl’s age was not a factor in her ability to handle the weapon.

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    Whether you love or loathe the idea of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, chances are you probably didn't even consider the possibility that the challenge could turn deadly.

    And, sadly, we have our first -- and let's hope last -- fatality that resulted after a teen took the craze to a whole new, much riskier level.

    Cameron Lancaster, 18, reportedly jumped to his death after he opted to, instead of dumping a bucket of cold water over his head and donating money to ALS for Lou Gehrig's disease, leap off a cliff and into a disused quarry containing water.

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    A chef in China was preparing a soup that required a dangerous ingredient -- an Indochinese spitting cobra -- when the serpent attacked and killed him. But the craziest part: the venomous snake was able to do so 20 minutes after the man had severed the snake's head off.

    Before cooking the five-foot snake, which is considered a healthy delicacy in Asia, Peng Fan decapitated it, but waited 20 minutes before throwing its head into a trashcan. The next thing diners overheard were loud screams coming from the kitchen.

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    Co-sleeping is sometimes unfairly named as the cause of a baby's death, but it's really negligence on the parent's part. In June, Terri Lynn Wells and Anthony C. Schlieper discovered their 4-month-old baby Anterio K. Schlieper had died while co-sleeping, but as the case was investigated, it was revealed that the parents were "morbidly intoxicated." It's a terrible tragedy, and while the parents didn't seem to intend to harm their child, they made the mistake of mixing drinking with co-sleeping. Co-sleeping didn't kill this child -- bad judgment, or rather impaired judgment, did.

    Now another mother is in the news after her children died while co-sleeping. Children. Two babies. In two separate instances a year apart. Katherine Anne Jennings was co-sleeping with her 4-month-old baby James Robert Phillips in June 2012 when he suffocated as a result. In December of 2013, this same mother was co-sleeping with her second son, 8-month-old Luke Stephen Phillips, which resulted in his death.

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    The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and now an absolutely gruesome message has been sent to Americans to stay out. That message purportedly took the life of freelance journalist James Wright Foley, whom ISIS fanaticists have said they beheaded.

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    In the wake of Michael Brown's murder, there is been a tremendous amount of pain and fury among residents of his tiny Missouri town. Though, that is surely nothing compared to the agony his mother Lesley McSpadden has endured since the unarmed teen was gunned down in the street by a cop. She is now apart of a club that is tragically growing in number every month. Also a member? Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin. She too lost a teenage son due to senseless gun violence and she reached out to Brown's family in a heartbreaking letter.

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    A 21-year-old woman from New Jersey who was brave enough to put herself out there and take car racing lessons tragically died after her car hit a wall.

    Amanda Gambacorto, a student at Stony Brook University, where she also worked as a marketing assistant and communications intern, was reportedly participating in a racing clinic at the Wall Stadium Speedway when the three-quarter midget car she was driving hit a wall on the second turn. Paramedics rushed the young woman to Jersey Shore Medical Center, where police say she later died.

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    It's rare that we read an obituary that surprises us or makes us laugh. They are typically pretty staid. But the family of Delaware grandmother Johanna Scarpitti shocked everyone with the first line of her obit: "Ding dong, the witch is dead."

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    A California father allegedly confessed to killing his two young sons, mother, father, AND the family dog because it was his "destiny" to do so.

    Nicolas Holzer, 45, was arrested at the home he had shared with his 10-year-old son Vincent, 13-year-old son Sebastian, and his parents. On Monday night, he reportedly called police and calmly told them he had stabbed his entire family to death. The man had no prior criminal convictions and, though divorced from the mother of his children for eight or nine years, had received full custody of his sons, making the motive behind his actions an even greater mystery.

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