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    A Texas mother was arrested after she reportedly walked into Athens Police Department and confessed to killing her 4-year-old daughter on the day she was supposed to sign her up for pre-K.

    Stacie Marie Parsons, 25, allegedly killed Victoria Wyatt the morning after her common law partner and the child's father told her he wanted a divorce. Gary Wyatt and the suspect had been married for six years, and he revealed she had always been jealous of her little girl. And, according to a family friend, Parsons made a suspicious comment days before that should have tipped off more people to the possibility that something bad was about to happen.

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    An innocent 5-year-old angel is dead after she was kidnapped in Kansas and became trapped between her abductor and police during a fatal shootout.

    Cadence Harris of Leavenworth was reportedly abducted on Friday evening by someone she knew -- family members say his name is Marcus McGowen, though his relationship to the girl is unclear at this point. The suspect allegedly fled the state and crossed over into Missouri and police engaged in a high-speed chase through both states to capture him and save Cadence.

    But when they finally caught up with them in a construction zone in Kansas, things took a turn for the worse.

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    More than one year after a 14-month-old toddler was found dead in his crib in South Carolina, a 26-year-old man has been charged with killing him by hugging and squeezing him to death.

    Robert Kemp, 26, was reportedly babysitting Jaylen Harris on June 27, 2013 when he says he noticed the child looked tired. He placed him in his crib on his back with a bottle, he told police, and then went into the kitchen to finish some chores. When he went to check up on him, Kemp claims Jaylen was lying on his stomach -- unconscious.

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    A 46-year-old mother killed her 15-year-old son, set their home on fire, and then killed herself. And the tragedy was "preventable," says the teen's older sister, Katie Gilliland. Reportedly, Carla (C.J.) Gilliland was distraught over a breakup and had been "depressed," according to a neighbor. She had reportedly already threatened 15-year-old Parker's life. Katie says that Parker was "afraid" to live in the home, and yet police and child protection services refused to take him out of it.

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    A 16-year-old boy died this weekend in California after doing something a lot of other teens probably wouldn't think twice about: standing on a bus.

    Mason Zisette was just one of several teens under the age of 18 who was traveling with adult chaperones on a double-decker Starline Tours bus that had been chartered to attend a private birthday party for one of the young passengers at a venue south of Manhattan Beach. As the bus made its way down the San Diego Freeway at 45 miles per hour, Zisette -- who was seated on the roofless top deck -- reportedly stood up on his seat to dance. He was facing the opposite direction of the freeway signs and had no idea what horrible thing was about to happen.

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    A 19-year-old ex-marine has been arrested and charged with murdering a young mother from New York, whose body was discovered dumped in a wooded area near her home one week after her disappearance last month.

    Dante Taylor was arrested in Florida and faces second-degree murder charged for reportedly killing Sarah Goode, 21, who was a single mom with a 4-year-old daughter named Jocelyn. And, adding yet another horrible level of crazy to this story, Taylor was arrested because cops suspect he committed a different heinous crime.

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    Here's a story you'll never be able to relate to. It's the kind we hear about all too often, considering how once is all too often: A Texas man is in custody today for allegedly shooting and killing four children, two adults who were watching them, and a 15-year-old girl who is the sole survivor of this disgusting massacre.

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    I've read inspiring obituaries, laugh-out-loud obituaries, and of course plenty of heartfelt obituaries, but I don't think I've ever read anything quite like what was written for George Ferguson. Ferguson passed away on June 30th, and his death notice has since gone viral -- perhaps in part because it starts like this: "What to say about George? Certainly, no one could accuse him of having been a loving son, brother, or father. He'd gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people's money."

    George Ferguson's daughter Karen Shirley wrote the obituary about her dad the “small-time con-man," and it's clear she wasn't tempted to glean over the not-so-Hallmark moments of his life. No, she was pretty honest, and the result is a retrospect that's … well, it's quite the mix. As she put it, while George Ferguson may not have been the ideal father, he was likely "the most exciting member of his family and of the families he married into."

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    Ruby Rubio was walking with her 7-year-old sister in California when a man suddenly snatched her brand-new iPhone, ran off, and jumped into the passenger seat of a car. The 15-year-old girl, who received the expensive phone from her parents as a gift for doing well in school, didn't let the man get away with his crime. She chased the thief and jumped onto the hood of his car -- but her heroic attempt had a tragic ending.

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    The mother of Cooper Harris, the 22-month-old boy at the center of a soon-to-be murder trial, is now coming under suspicion in the boy's death. It should be noted that no charges have been filed against Leanna Harris, but questions have been raised. Whether those questions are legitimate concerns or just spurious assumptions and nasty speculation remains to be seen. But police have alleged that she behaved oddly in the hours following her son's death in the backseat of a hot car -- a death that prompted a murder charge against his father, Justin Ross, who insists he left him in the car by accident.

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