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    You would think someone who spends his time doing something as illegal -- and disgusting -- as exchanging images of children having sex would be an absolute genius at hiding his vice. Lucky for all of us, 61-year-old Michael Murray is not that savvy and will now get exactly what he deserves for his immoral actions. The man recently dropped off his laptop at a Best Buy store in New York to be repaired, but failed to delete a slideshow of young girls having sex with older men -- which popped up when one of the store's technicians rebooted his computer.

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    Back in March, graham cracker makers Honey Maid revealed a campaign called This Is Wholesome featuring a same sex couple lovingly feeding their baby, an interracial family happily walking together, and a heavily tattooed mom hugging her child. People complained. This is NOT wholesome, some wrote. Disgusting, said others. The hate mail poured in and Honey Maid collected all of it.

    They asked two artists to take all the negative comments and transform them into something beautiful. My heart began racing wondering just what it is that they would do. And what they did ended up making me cry and also restored my faith that if we embrace hate with love, we can prevail. You must see this response. It's truly beautiful.

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    Raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of keeping a library book or store video rental a lot longer than you were supposed to -- as in, a few years longer (you can take a guess whether my hand is raised way up high). Deep down, you know you could get in trouble for being a bit of a flake, but you never actually consider the possibility that any law enforcement official would take time from his extremely busy day to crack down on your "stolen" E.T. VHS tape.

    You may want to rethink that attitude and get thyself to your childhood hometown library or rental store asap because, judging by one woman's crazy experience, you could spend actual jail time for a borrowed film you failed to return.

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    Did you hear the awesome telecommunication news that's about to ruin our lives? Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable -- the two biggest cable companies in the nation are gettin' hitched! Which means if you were hoping to dump one for the other, now you're stuck with both. If there's anything we Americans love, it's choice. And now we have less choice. Less delicious choice for us, thanks to our new cable TV overlords. I still don't quite understand how this is even legal.

    But since I'm so annoyed and apparently also a glutton for punishment, I decided to call customer support to complain.* Here's how that went down.

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    It's not unusual for an upscale restaurant to enforce a strict dress code. If you choose to rock your Nike Airs that evening, you won't be allowed to break bread at one of their pristine tables -- and it's totally within their right to set whatever rules they feel will create the setting they want at their establishment. Other eateries have very reasonable requests -- you know: no shirt, no shoes, no service. Few people would argue with this simple regulation because, you know, your bare feet don't belong anywhere near a plate of food.

    But staff members at a Morton's Steakhouse in Nashville took dress code too far when they insisted a man who is undergoing chemotherapy remove his beanie -- and then reportedly kicked him and his party out of the restaurant for not complying.

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    Just hours after they probably sliced into turkeys, toasted the holiday, and gave thanks for everything wonderful in their lives, some eager shoppers said "to hell with graciousness" and elbowed their way into packed stores to -- literally -- battle it out over hot items. So, which piece of merchandise stood out as the one most worthy of slaying crowds to conquer? No, not iPads or a laptop (my guess) and not even that precious Elmo doll that promises your child a lifetime of hugs and affection.

    It's still way too early on Black Friday to declare this the item of the season, but the one that has (so far) brought out the worst in people is...

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    I'm all for women carrying mace to protect themselves against violent crimes like rape and sexual assualt, which occurs in this country every 2 minutes and goes unreported an astonishing 40 percent of the time. But a new trend seems to be emerging and I can't help but find it disturbing. Yet another women's clothing line has debuted a line of anti-rape fashion designed to keep women safe from men's roving, uncontrollable hands.

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    Have you had a look at what kids -- regardless of their race or age -- are wearing these days? I didn't see my first designer anything until I was in college, and some middle school kids are rocking Gucci sneakers to school. Maybe the folks over at Barneys in New York City should get with the program because they seemed to think it was totally out of the ordinary for a 19-year-old boy to buy a $349 Ferragamo belt. Okay, it is out of the ordinary, but no less unusual than any of the other countless times when a well-heeled teen approached their counter with piles of clothes and a credit card. The difference? This boy was African-American. And because of his race, he was forced into quite a humiliating experience. 

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    Whoops. It looks like there’s a loophole in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that could potentially leave half a million kids without health care coverage. Dang it, if only they’d read it before they passed it ...

    Anyway. The thing passed, the Supreme Court didn't strike it down, and as valiant as Ted Cruz's spectacular 21-hour filibuster in the Senate was yesterday and into today, that’s not going to stop Obamacare either. So we live with it until enough people get fed up with it and demand that it be defunded.

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    The royal baby is here! Finally! Excitement over the new bundle for Kate Middleton and Prince William is so contagious it has spilled across the pond to America where corporations are already doing what corporations do: squeezing dollars out of the royal baby.

    Ah yes, this is how America celebrates well, everything, isn't it? We market it. Everyone from Oreos to Coca-Cola jumped on board immediately yesterday with royal baby themed announcements, tied, of course, to their particular products.

    But is this fair to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or the itty bitty future ruler?

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