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    Everyone's favorite cancer-fighting superhero is back, and the pint-sized star is having more fun than ever. This time, 5-year-old Miles Scott got to swing by AT&T Park in San Francisco to throw out the first pitch for the Giants' opening home game.

    Oh my gosh, can you imagine few things more magical for a little boy than to dress up like Batman, arrive at a Major League stadium in a stellar automobile, and then throw out the opening pitch? Because I'm guessing that Miles had the time of his life.

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    Andrea Gardner is just a regular mom who like many people these days is struggling to put food on the table after her husband was laid off last fall. Her family has been put "through the wringer," and they now rely on government assistance to feed their kids.

    She was out shopping with her kids recently but was unable to pay for the few simple groceries she'd picked up, because the store's EBT machine was down and she didn't have her debit card or any cash with her. The random act of kindness that was then shown to her by a stranger moved her so much that she wrote an open letter "To the Woman Behind Me at the Grocery Store" on her blog.

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    Confession: I'm a sucker for a good fundraiser. Spin me a sob story, and I'm all, "Who gets the check?" But even a soft touch like me has no truck with the latest fundraising trend: parents trying to get good-hearted folks to donate money ... so they can stay home with their kids.

    Sounds too crazy to be true? Oh, it's true all right. In fact dad blogger Adam Dolgin currently has a GoFundMe fundraiser online, begging people to cough up $50,000 so he can become a stay-at-home dad to his two kids.

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    I know Joel Olsteen is all about the (wildly unbiblical) prosperity gospel, but isn’t the Catholic Church all about the vows of poverty? Or is that just for the monks and nuns? Because clearly it’s not one taken by Newark Archbishop John Myers.

    Parishioners are so upset by Myers’ lack of regard in expanding his weekend home to the tune of half a million dollars that they’ve stopped donating to the church in protest.

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    A Michigan woman was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail for scamming her community out of tens of thousands of dollars or more to pay for her cancer treatments. Problem was -- she didn’t have cancer.

    Sara Ylen, 38, professed to have developed cervical cancer as the result of a 2001 sexual assault, and claimed to have been regularly treated at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. She then took advantage of the Michigan-based Mercy Hospice for two years before they figured out that her life wasn’t in peril in 2011.

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    I'm not a fan of pranks. I might be okay with teeny tiny ones that are super small scale and of the no one gets too scared or freaked out variety. But generally, I'm a just say no to pranks kind of person. They sort of remind me of bullying. With the prankster being the one who brags and feels this sense of accomplishment in making someone else feel dumb. But this parking ticket prank is something entirely different. 

    It's heartwarming. It's a prank turned upside down. It's random acts of kindness. Check it out.

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    There's a lot of bad news out there. You don't have to look too far to find stories that make you want to cry or hide under your blanket or throw up your hands and shout, "what is WRONG with everyone?" It's sometimes too easy to forget that really good people exist everywhere and are doing things, as I write this, to make the lives of others better. Instead of dwelling on the bad, we want to take a few minutes to recognize 10 of the sweetest, most generous acts of kindness we've witnessed this holiday season that are making us feel really good about humankind. 

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    Various religions speak of tales of kings dressed as paupers to test the people to see how they behave toward those less fortunate. But in Vancouver, Canada, something like this is really happening. A young man named Yogi Omar reports that when he saw a homeless man begging for change, he nearly passed him by. He had just spent pretty much everything he had to buy an expensive plane ticket to China to see his terminally ill father. But something made him stop and ask the man if he could buy him a meal. What happened next would make Buddha and Jesus proud.

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    This is a photo of Brenda Schmitz. I don't know about you, but I can see her spirit in her smile. The way her eyes are illuminated. The way her hand is holding her other hand. I see beauty beyond the physical. Brenda is a mother of four boys. She is a wife. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in January of 2011. She died in September of that same year.

    During her battle, she wrote a letter to her husband David and the future love in her husband's life. She sent it to her friend who was told to give it to Des Moines, Iowa, radio station “Star” 102.5 who grants wishes during the holidays when he met a woman he loved. The station granted her wish and gave her widow David the most emotional Christmas gift he and his girlfriend and their kids could ever receive.  

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    They say it pays to be the better person, but does it? Does it always? I'm not advocating we all run out and wreak havoc here folks, but I just heard that a toddler was killed and cops have arrested his babysitter ... a babysitter who was homeless until 2-year-old Kayden Webb's mother rescued her off the streets.

    So, let me get this straight. Someone opens their heart to you, goes out of their way to rescue you from a desperate situation, and you turn around and MURDER THEIR 2-YEAR-OLD?

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