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    It's been nearly three years since Casey Anthony's murder trial ended. She was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee. The details of the case were almost too horrifying to be true. A child was dead, senselessly. A family torn apart. And it all played out for the world to see. 

    As with such high profile cases, Casey, the mother judicially cleared of her child's murder has been the subject of many stories in the media. And the details that just emerged on what she is doing now may leave some with mixed feelings.

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    Casey Anthony is probably one of the most notorious and hated people in this country. The latest news that she will be forgiven of all her debts isn't likely to earn her any more fans. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida recently, claiming $1,000 in assets and more than $792,000 in liabilities (mostly legal bills). And now she won't owe any of it back.

    The bankruptcy judge discharged most of what she owes except for those related to student loans or criminal fines. The end. And just like that, Anthony, who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee and was acquitted in 2011, is free again.

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    It looks like Casey Anthony is about to spill the beans on the question of the century. She never testified in her murder trial, but Anthony will not be able to stay mum about what happened to daughter Caylee Anthony for much longer. She could have to open up as soon as next month!

    Anthony is facing a defamation lawsuit from Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman who says she was harmed by Anthony's alleged claims that a babysitter by the same name had taken off with her 2-year-old daughter. Police later learned there was no babysitter, and Caylee's mother got in legal trouble for lying to police.

    But she has never been completely clear on what exactly did happen to her daughter ... at least not until now.

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    People have made some pretty bizarre discoveries at garage sales over the years, but a Florida woman's recent find sounds more sad than anything. The woman claims to have bought some of toddler Caylee Anthony's belongings at a yard sale being thrown by the dead girl's grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony.

    Christian Werner has got video to prove she was there, that the Anthonys, parents of the infamous Casey Anthony, who ranks right up near the top of the "most hated moms in the world" list, were selling off teddy bears, a kids' backpack, and other toys. The way she tells it, the Anthony family is a disgrace for parting with such precious items at a yard sale.

    That's just a wee bit ridiculous. Not to mention presumptuous!

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    Just when you thought Casey Anthony had slithered back into the hole from whence she came, the mother of Caylee Anthony is back. And despite some sudden but very loud outrage from Judge Belvin Perry -- the man who presided over her murder trial two years ago -- this week over her walking around a free woman, we may not be getting rid of Casey any time soon.

    It's looking more and more likely that "tot mom," as she was dubbed during her famous trial, could end up selling her story after all. But before Americans get themselves as worked up as Perry did on the Today show, where he admitted he was "shocked" by the "not guilty" verdict in the two-year-old trial, wait until you hear what she stands to gain for the delight of telling the world her side of the story.

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    You guys, I can't believe what I'm hearing. The National Enquirer is reporting that Casey Anthony is pregnant with another child. Now before we all panic, this is the National Enquirer we're talking about. So the rumor could be completely made up. BUT WHY WOULD THEY DO US LIKE THAT? Give the nation a heart attack at the very idea of Casey Anthony having another child?!?

    Lord help us. Supposedly "multiple" unidentified sources say Casey's been telling her friends that she's so excited to be pregnant again because it gives her a second chance to prove to the world that she can be a good mother. Sigh. Okay. One: Casey has friends? And two: Who on God's green Earth is the baby daddy?

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    Well, it happened. Casey Anthony came out of hiding yesterday for a bankruptcy court hearing, and she was forced to talk about how she's been living for the past year and a half since being found not guilty of murdering daughter Caylee. And if you believe what's she's selling, I hear there's a bridge for sale between two of New York City's boroughs.

    Casey was grilled by R. Scott Shuker, a lawyer for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the woman suing Casey for defamation. He asked her if she'd been approached to tell her story for a movie, book, or TV deal, but Casey insists she hasn't. Instead, she says she's living off the "kindness" of others.

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    All right, be honest, have you been thinking Casey Anthony has had it easy these last couple of years? Thinking after that jury said she didn't murder daughter Caylee, she got to waltz off into the sunset? Not. So. Fast.

    The woman dubbed "Tot Mom" during her explosive murder trial back in 2011 is back out in public today at a bankruptcy hearing. Anthony is being forced to sit down with her creditors and explain how the heck she's been living if she's only got $1,000 in assets. There's been talk of some mystery benefactor over the years, and if it's true, that ship might be about to sail.

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    Because we're sick of seeing Casey Anthony as a defendant. Because she's got a lot of experience with the law. Because she really needs a job. Because we can't get enough of seeing her in a courtroom. Ladies and gentleman, Casey Anthony may become a paralegal.

    According to her attorney, Charles Greene, Casey Anthony is considering finding work as a paralegal. "I truly believe that she has a lot of the skills," he says. "She's better than many paralegals I know." He adds that Casey is very organized and her computer skills impress him. Plus, she "believes strongly in our justice system" and constitutional rights. And you know what? I could just spend the rest of this post giving you more jaw-dropping quotes from Greene. And maybe I will.

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    Casey Anthony just won't go away -- and now is coming out swinging against the people she owes money to. I'm guessing that since she was found not guilty in the murder of her little girl, Caylee, in 2011, she figures there is no reason she should have to pay for the court expenses incurred while defending herself. Why do I think that? Because yesterday she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in a Florida court. It's a convenient way to get out of her debt. $792,000 in debt.

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