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    According to a new tell-all book, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama thinks he’s “really good at killing people.” Double Down: Game Change 2012, by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, is full of juicy gossip out of the 2012 election, including that little gem, which was supposedly said while discussing drone strikes last year.

    The White House had no official comment on the claim, other than senior Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer saying, “The president is always frustrated about leaks ... he hates leaks.” I bet! I wouldn’t like my off-handed lame attempts at humor to be broadcast to world either.

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    Ben Affleck announced Wednesday that he will not be running for Senate in Massachusetts, finally putting to rest the speculation swirling around the actor and his potential foray into politics. Rumor had it that Ben (raised just outside of Boston) was considering running for the seat that will be left vacant if Senator John Kerry is confirmed as Hillary Clinton’s replacement for Secretary of State.

    Although I’m a fan of much of Ben Affleck’s work, I’m glad he decided to sit this one out. Partly it’s because I am a fan. If he were busy performing his legislative duties, we might not have Argo, which he directed and starred in. That movie was great! But mostly, I’m glad he’s not running because, with few exceptions, I think actors should stick to acting and leave the politics for the politicians.

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    I breathed a sigh of relief and pumped my fists in the air when Barack Obama was reelected last week. I allowed myself a moment of celebration and nod of gratitude for all the hours volunteers spent toiling for a cause and a candidate they believe in.

    In sharp contrast, most of my Romney supporting friends admitted to me that they were voting against Obama and cast only a half-hearted vote for Romney. This matters not in outcome, but it does matter in terms of passion and conviction. I tried to wake my sons to tell them the news as they requested, but neither boy budged. It was, after all, well past midnight, and they had been sleeping soundly for hours. My pride, relief, and celebration were extinguished pretty quickly.

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    Holly Solomon is allegedly really upset that President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election. She is so upset that, according to police, the pregnant 28-year-old from Arizona RAN OVER HER HUSBAND with an SUV because he didn't vote. Wow. ALL the psychos are crawling out of the woodwork on this one.

    Solomon is looking at a whole lot of prison time and her poor husband is looking at a whole lot of recovery time (he is in critical condition) all because his wife allegedly has poor impulse control and is clearly a moron, too. Solomon may be sad to learn that even had her husband voted, the results would have been the same because a) Obama won by WAY more than one vote, and b) Arizona went to candidate Mitt Romney anyway.

    Look, it's great that this psycho wants us to all celebrate our American pride and get to the polls. It's our civic duty! But, um, could you learn a little bit about history and our country before you put the pedal to the metal?

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    Happy election day! I cast my ballot this morning before coming into work. Usually I'll just breeze in and breeze out, but this time I stood in three different lines -- and it took a little over an hour. That's first thing in the morning, too! I'm hearing that conditions are a little more crowded and confusing than usual all over New York City.

    The Stir staff who've voted so far have been sending in photos of their polling stations, and it looks like smooth sailing -- outside of New York City, anyway. Here's what election day looked like for us!

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    It’s time Mitt Romney trades in his Bally loafers for some cheap rubber flip-flops. Am I to believe he suddenly supports women’s rights? Does he truly believe in supporting the working poor and middle class? Nah, he just wants your vote. And he's stretching and struggling to say anything that will grab your attention long enough to latch on to a sound bite to get you to check the ballot in his favor on November 6.

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    In the infamous hidden video of Mitt Romney that surfaced in September, the world watched as Mitt dismissed 47% of voters as being entitled, non-tax paying citizens that would never vote for Romney. While this video and the now infamous 47% statement has made repeated international headlines, there were a series of other comments that seemed to fly under the radar. Until now, at least.

    In the same video, Mitt Romney shared with the audience that his father was born in Mexico and that if his father was "born of Mexican parents, [he'd] have a better shot at winning [the election]." Mitt goes on to say that "being Latino would be helpful" which is followed by a series of laughter in the audience.  

    Right, because poking fun of the hardships that Latino-Americans have endured is something to laugh at. 


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    The big loser in last night’s debate was Jim Lehrer. I grew up with my dad watching the MacNeil/Lehrer Report back in the day. I know Jim Lehrer is articulate and intelligent. But last night leaves me wondering what the heck happened? Moderator aside, I think each candidate “won” in his own way. Romney won the theater points, while Obama took the lead with substance. 

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    The 2012 Election is right around the corner, and there is nothing more upsetting than walking into that school gymnasium on election night, filled with national pride, only to have the blue-haired lady with the thick book tell you sorry, you can't vote. You're not registered. (Followed by dramatic facepalm. Yours.)

    Today is National Voter Registration Day and the day to check your voting status and make sure you're registered, and if not, to do it. Time is running out. Each state has its own rules, but most require you be registered at least a month before the election.

    If you are one of those people who knows you aren't registered and could care less, because you feel it's only a contest of the lesser of two evils again anyway, I'm going to clue you in on something really cool you might not have realized ...

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    Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are behind us, undecided or ambivalent voters should have a clearer picture of which candidate will get their vote. We saw two stark differences between Charlotte and Tampa that went beyond the location of the cities and the palette of the rooms. We heard from the candidates, supporters, and Americans, all whom shared the personal stories behind the political platforms. 

    So which party won at their convention?  

    I don't think it was about which party "won," but more about what American voters stood to gain from the conventions. 

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