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    Sometimes practicing freedom of speech can get you in a lot of hot water -- particularly if you decide to publicly rage against a person who says she is just doing her job. A father in Denver was flying on Southwest Airlines to Minneapolis with his daughters, ages 6 and 9, when he and his family were reportedly kicked off the flight because he tweeted about a ticket agent who he said was very rude and disrespectful to him.

    Duff Watson says he was an A-list member of the airline and, as such, should have been able to board the plane before other passengers. But when an agent gave him a difficult time about it, he took to Twitter and expressed his anger -- by including the agent's first name, last initial, and the gate number where she was working in his post. His tweet prompted the airline to pull him and his daughters off the flight, saying he was posing a "safety threat."

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    It's hard enough wrapping one's mind around the tragedy that befell this year for the people aboard Malaysia Airlines flights. One plane goes missing; the next gets shot down by a missile -- it's almost too surreal to believe. It would be devastating enough to know that one family member or friend lost their lives on one of these flights, but imagine if you lost relatives on both flights.

    That's the sad story of one Australian woman. Kaylene Mann's brother Rod Burrows and her sister-in-law Mary Burrows were on Flight 370 when it disappeared in March and still hasn't been found. On Friday, poor Mann then discovered that her stepdaughter, Maree Rizk, was killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile.

    What are the chances of that? Her brother and stepdaughter both killed in the same year when flying the same airline. So devastating.

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    Two sisters who should be celebrating the joyful coincidence that both are having babies at nearly the same time are instead mourning the loss of their husbands and father in a freak plane crash accident. It happened last week in California and killed the most important men in their lives.

    Doug Symiczek, 49, Jacob Griffiths, 32, and Kyle Parton, 29, were killed on July 6 -- the same day Parton's wife Breanna was expecting to give birth to their second child -- after their single-engine plane crashed near Los Angeles.

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    If you've ever been on a plane with a toddler, then you know all too well that doing so could probably be used as a form of torture.

    Sure, flying with a baby is tough too, but air travel really goes to a whole new level of suck once they grow up a little and become mobile. It's like the minute you sit down in the seat, they're all, "You mean I can't climb onto the floor and/or run up and down the aisles? Oh, HELL NO."

    Here's a general rundown of what flights with toddlers in tow are really like for moms.

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    In general, he seems fairly down-to-earth despite his royal status, but would you believe Prince William flew coach from Memphis to Dallas on an American Airlines flight as he was making his way back to the U.K. after a wedding?

    (Side note -- can you imagine being a guest at that wedding? OMG. And how about the shot above of Wills, taken while he was touring Graceland?!? You gotta love it.)

    I'm not kidding, people. I'm sure the nice folks over at AA could have easily bumped a person or two out of first class so he could sit up front with the rest of the important peeps where he belongs -- but he opted to rough it out in economy with the rest of the cattle. (And I don't mean that to be derogatory. How do you feel when you're crammed into your seat on a full flight?)

    And yes, there's even photo evidence of his trip.

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    Countless families across the nation took part in an Easter Sunday tradition -- the annual Easter egg hunt. This is an activity that children look forward to every year when they can rush around looking for plastic eggs filled with sugary candy and treats. But one family in New Jersey had a not-so-sweet surprise during their Easter egg hunt. A stranger fell to his death right in their backyard.

    What happened?

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    A 16-year-old boy took the idea of "running away" to the absolute extreme when he jumped a fence at a San Jose, California airport and stowed away on a five-hour flight to Hawaii. Authorities say the teen is lucky to be alive because he actually hid in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft -- where he passed out, possibly because of the lack of oxygen and sub-zero temperatures.

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    So U.S. Airways made a major blunder on Monday afternoon. I mean there are little mistakes -- small lapses in judgment that can usually be apologized and rationalized away with a swift PR brushoff, and then there are big mistakes that include a major airline tweeting a very graphic and sexually explicit photo to over 400,000 followers.

    Whoops. It seems that someone was unhappy sitting on the runway, and tweeted a complaint to U.S. Airways. Whoever runs the social media over there responded back, "We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up," along with a link.

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    This past weekend brought a glimmer of hope in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. After a Chinese ship detected a pulse signal from the Indian Ocean, it was determined that the signal matched that from the airline's black box. Everyone breathed a (small) sigh of relief because -- finally -- rescue teams could at the very least narrow down their search area from one that was the "size of Texas" to one the "size of Houston." After nearly a month during which the plane's disappearance has been shrouded in mystery, any news is good news at this point.

    But the underwater pulses that got everyone excited have not been heard since the weekend. Investigators are quickening the pace of the search because, they say, time is running out.

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    Have you ever secretly dreamed of getting busy at 30,000 feet? You know -- joining the mile-high club? (And if you've already done it -- I'm sending you a virtual high-five.)

    Oh come on, everyone who's anyone is getting their "O" face on after leaving the ground these days. Heck, even model mom Miranda Kerr is boasting about it. (Though she probably did it in a private jet.)

    There's definitely a thrill level that goes along with having sex in the air, though attempting it in an airplane lavatory sounds anything but steamy.

    But I have good news. A new company out of Las Vegas called Love Cloud is offering "sex flights" over Sin City so you can finally earn your club member badge. (Or whatever.)

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