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    The remains of more than 15,000 fetuses have been incinerated as "medical waste," with some being used to heat hospitals. At least two facilities in the UK have copped to burning the aborted and miscarried fetuses as part of what they called a "waste-to-energy" program while others burned them "alongside rubbish."

    The mothers were told that the remains had been cremated, which while technically true, denies the real truth of what has happened to the babies they never got to meet.

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    Some people's actions are so twisted and sick, it's really difficult to write about them without getting worked up. Justin Vance is a 28-year-old man who volunteered with the Special Olympics and was taken in by a trusting family in exchange for helping them with home projects. Instead of repaying them by simply being an honorable person who fulfilled his commitments, he allegedly did something reprehensible that has turned their lives upside down: he impregnated their 13-year-old daughter, who has autism

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    A man who tricked his girlfriend into aborting their fetus has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. The man, John Andrew Welden, stole the abortion pill from his father, who was an obstetrician, and gave it to his girlfriend, telling her that tests his father had taken had shown an infection and she needed antibiotics. The "antibiotics" were really Cytotec pills, which induces miscarriage. Remee Jo Lee took one pill, became ill, and miscarried.

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    The heartbreaking case of Marlise Munoz, the brain dead pregnant woman who has been kept on life support for six weeks against her family's wishes, may soon near an end. Friday a Texas judge demanded the J.P.S. Health Network, which runs John Peter Smith Hospital, acede to the request of husband Erick Munoz to let his wife go. And now, it seems the hospital is finally going to listen to the pregnant woman's family.

    They're only six weeks late in helping this poor family.

    Both EMTs, the Munozes had discussed end-of-life-care before a pulmonary embolism rendered her brain dead when she was 14 weeks pregnant. Erick said his wife did not wish to be kept alive via artificial means. But J.P.S. has put up a fight from the beginning, and there was a worry that even Friday's judgment would not be enough.

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    The case is a tragic one. Marlise Munoz was a young wife and mother when she collapsed in her kitchen at 2 a.m. on November 26. The 33-year-old had suffered a pulmonary embolism, and lay unconscious on the floor for at least an hour before her husband found her and called the paramedics. She was 14 weeks pregnant.

    Though Marlise was declared “brain dead” on November 28, the baby was still alive, which means that under Texas law, she must be kept on life support to support the growing child. Her husband Erick has said repeatedly that his wife would not want to be kept alive on machines, and that since the baby was deprived of oxygen for an “indeterminable” amount of time, it’s continued development shouldn’t be a priority in the decision to end the physical life of the mother.

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    The outrageous case of the brain dead pregnant woman in Texas who continues to be kept on life support despite the protests of her husband and family has taken another tragic turn. Lawyers representing Erick Munoz, who is fighting to have his brain dead wife, Marlise, taken off life support even though she is now 22 weeks pregnant, say that the fetus is -- reportedly according to the hospital's own records -- "distinctly abnormal" and has so many lower extremity deformities that no one can even tell what sex the fetus is.

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    Finally some good news to report in terms of human rights this week. China has announced it will be taking at least one step out of people's bedrooms and tweaking its long criticized one-child policy. More parents may actually get to have two kids! Changes aren't as good as abandoning the restrictive policy altogether, but from the sounds of the policy changes on the table, at the very least, there could be a major reduction in the types of atrocities women are subjected to in that country.

    As the rule stands, most Chinese parents are restricted to having just one child, with some exceptions for rural peasants whose first child is a girl or couples who are both ethnic minorities.

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    In case you're in the mood to read something so completely so wackadoodle your head may explode, check it out ... While some parents in North Dakota were contending with their self-righteous neighbor hell-bent on fat-shaming children, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, parents were "treated" to anti-abortion cards in their kids' candy haul!

    Imagine digging in your daughter's pillow case for a Snickers and coming out with a card displaying a fetus that declares, "I am not a clump of cells. I am a human being." Err, how 'bout fun-size Skittles? Nope, here's another card that says, "Am I not human?" SO insaaaaane!

    The only thing that makes sense about this revolting move is the timing: The local news station points out that the city is having a special election on November 19 to vote on a referendum that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the city on the (false) grounds that at 20 weeks, a fetus can feel pain.

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    Most of us couldn't imagine being told how many children we can or cannot have -- or being forced into an abortion we don't want because of the law. But that is the everyday reality for Chinese women, who are technically allowed one child (though there are exemptions). One woman was reminded of this fact in the most brutal way -- she says she was dragged from her home in the middle of the night, forced into a hospital, and given an injection that terminated her pregnancy in its sixth month.

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    On Friday, a bunch of abortion advocates filed suit in Texas for portions of the now infamous House Bill 2, the extensive pro-life bill that Governor Rick Perry signed into law last July. Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union have joined forces on behalf of more than a dozen abortion providers to fight provisions that make abortions safer for women.

    I know -- it doesn’t make any sense to me either. It makes me wonder what the true motivation of these organizations is when they’re stirring public outrage by saying that HB2 will restrict women’s access to health care, or mess with their reproductive rights or whatever.

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