Sandy Hook Mom's Powerful Message About Las Vegas Shooting Goes Viral


sandy hook mom
Remembering Ana Márquez-Greene/Facebook

Late in the evening on Sunday, October 2, news broke of a mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Officials now have declared the Las Vegas shooting the largest mass shooting in modern United States history, with the loss of life currently at 58 and the number of those wounded at 515. In reaction to the events, the mother of a Sandy Hook victim has spoken out to share her feelings and urge people everywhere to take action in hopes of preventing the end of more lives to gun violence. 


Nelba Márquez-Greene is a mother who has endured more than enough tragedy in her lifetime. In 2012, her young daughter, Ana Márquez-Greene, was one of 20 students and six teachers murdered by a lone gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since then, the mother has used her platform to speak out for issues like gun control and violence prevention. 

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In the wake of last night's Las Vegas shooting, Márquez-Greene has garnered attention for a series of tweets she wrote unabashedly calling for politicians to end their inaction in the face of gun violence and for the rest of us to continue speaking on the tough issues, especially when it is hardest to do. 

In her first tweet, she called out the many politicians who claimed "there is simply nothing we could do" after Sandy Hook. (The families of several Sandy Hook massacre victims have renewed calls for tougher gun control laws in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.)


She lambasted members of Congress, expressing extreme shock and disappointment at what she calls their "lack of courage and/or ability to take meaningful action" when it comes to difficult important issues that affect all Americans. 

She also took plenty of issue with other Twitter users who insisted that the violence that occurred in Las Vegas was brought on by political "division" between the left and right. "Oh, please," she replied. "Newton happened well before Trump was elected. We need sensible gun legislation and we need it now." 

Márquez-Greene pleaded for people to understand the human costs of inaction -- the never-ending loop of devastation that awaits families who lose a loved one to gun violence, and the agony of knowing it can happen to others without warning.

In the end, the mother shared her experience of just how difficult it is to lose someone -- especially a child -- to senseless gun violence. "Losing a loved one is like a death sentence," she said, referencing the after-effects an event like this can have on grieving families.  


Focused on informing and spreading some form of comfort, she spoke of the countless mothers just like her who are navigating a world of "grief and trauma" after losing their children to gun violence.

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While certainly gripping and devastating, Nelba Márquez-Greene's words are a reminder to all of us. A reminder that ending mass shootings and acts of violence like what happened in Las Vegas and at Sandy Hook won't happen if we only care to speak on them after lives have been lost. Like this brave mother, the rest of us must speak up and speak out and not forget and move on when the headlines stop. As she says, "Is this what we are saying to American citizens they have to accept as normal?"    

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