Something Spooky Shows Up in Photo of Girl Posing Near Old Burial Site

samurai ghost soldier

A family from Canada vacationing in Japan found something strange while looking through photos of their trip. Their little girl, standing alone on the shoreline, appears to maybe not be by herself after all. If you look closely, it looks as if a pair of men's black boots are just behind her. (Are the hairs on your neck standing up yet??)


The family says they were alone on the beach and while initially it could appear to be just part of the rocks jutting out behind her, when you find out that the photo was taken near an old Samurai tomb, it definitely makes you wonder! Could a ghost have photobombed this little girl? Check it out:

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Some suggest given the location that a disembodied soldier paid this family an eerie visit. 

If you were this family, wouldn't you be dying (no pun intended) to get back to that spot to take another photo and see if it's really just a funny angle or truly a ghost sighting? 

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