Spooky Happenings at Haunted School Have Even Non-Believers Believing

Elizabeth V. Edwards school haunted
Brian Johnston, Asbury Park Press

Ghosts -- there are the believers and the non-believers. I'm not sure how you cannot believe once you see ghosts caught on camera. Or feel their presence, like retired police officer Bill Cox did. Cox used to work in the homicide division, so he admits that he has seen a lot. He's also a devout Catholic and realizes he isn't supposed to believe in ghosts. But he believes. He really believes. Bill is the transportation and security coordinator for the district the Elizabeth V. Edwards Elementary School is in. Nestled in Barnegat, New Jersey, the Edwards school was opened in 1930, but closed in 2004. It's haunted. 


Bill says there is paranormal activity happening at the school. "It's not normal," he admits. It's not only Bill who has had ghostly experiences. There are other stories, plus the open lockers, the sneakers in the hall, the "help me" written on at least two different windows ... have me convinced there are spirits there or at least one very busy ghost.

Bill suspects that it could be the ghost of Lizzy Edwards, the school's namesake and the first schoolmarm who was a prominent educator in the town. Edwards died in 1965. Bill says the ghost is a good one even though she is scaring people with her antics. A good ghost? Our favorite kind.

One night when at the school building next door, Bill noticed lights on at the Edwards school, but when he went in to shut them off, there were no light bulbs installed in the room. Creepy.

Maintenance worker Art Walshe admits that he saw a ghostly woman with her hair in a bun and wearing a floral print dress. There was also another woman he saw wearing khaki pants standing next to the apparition. He believes he saw the ghost of Lizzy. During one of his night shifts, Walshe was on a ladder fixing something in the building when the door to the room he was in began moving and creaking. He was so scared he ran out of the building. Once he calmed down, he went back in to find that his ladder had been moved. Terrifying. That made him tell his boss he would only work during the daytime. But the experiences didn't stop. One afternoon he heard a phone ringing and he followed the sound to a rotary phone lying in the middle of what was the principal's office unplugged. Chills!

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Assistant security officer Thomas Topoleski reminds us that there were issues with kids breaking into the school but knows the difference between what some local kids would do and what a ghost would do. He heard 1940s music playing downstairs and followed the sound to a flooded basement. Ghosts. It has to be!

The show Ghost Hunters featured the school in an episode called "A Textbook Case" on the Syfy Channel. 'Tis the season to get scared out of your mind.

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