Mom of Slain Teen Got Horrific Texts From Alleged Killer Day After Murder

The mom of a murdered teen testified on Wednesday that her daughter's alleged killer, John L. Wilson Jr., sent her horrific text messages from the slain teen's phone the day after she was brutally stabbed to death.

Brenda O'Laughlin said she found her 14-year-old Kelli Joy O'Laughlin's body on the ground in the kitchen on October 27, 2011, surrounded by a pool of blood. She called 911 immediately, and told the dispatcher she believed her daughter had committed suicide.


After investigating, police discovered a broken dining room window, along with a landscaping rock wrapped in a red knit cap.

But things got really messed up when the day after her daughter died, she started receiving texts and calls from her phone. Prosecutors allege that on October 28, Brenda got a call from Kelli's phone. She said she answered it and said, "Hello," when she saw Kelli's picture pop up.

Then a text that simply said, "Hi, Brenda."

It just got creepier from there. Another text read, "She wanted to tell you something before I killed her."

That's when Brenda got law enforcement involved. She got another call from Kelli's phone but didn't answer. Then another message, "You’ve got two minutes to text me before I break the phone," to which she responded, "Who are you and what do you want?"

How sick and twisted is that? Wilson's attorney told the jury in his opening statement that they'll have to decide two things -- whether or not Kelli committed suicide, and then whether or not they charged the right person for her murder. 

Prosecutors say they found Wilson's DNA on the knit cap, but the defense says none of Kelli's blood was found on Wilson's clothes he was wearing the day she died.

According to The Huffington Post, "Authorities allege cellphone records place Kelli O'Laughlin's cellphone in Wilson's custody after her death."

It's hard to tell what really happened the day Kelli died, but one thing is for sure --those cellphone messages to her mom the day after Kelii died are highly disturbing.

Why do you think someone texted Kelli's mom from her phone?


Image via Adam Fagen/Flickr

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