Teen Girl Arrested for Trying to Kill Family After Reading 'Soul Eater' Book (VIDEO)

Sounds like somebody watched the movie Firestarter a few too many times. A 14-year-old Pasco County, Florida, girl has been accused of trying to kill her entire family by burning their house down. Police say she had visited websites associated with the fictional character Slender Man and admitted to burning down the house after an argument with her family. Ah, teens.


The girl allegedly lit the fire around 2 a.m. as her family lay sleeping. Her mother and 9-year-old brother safely escaped. But the teen couldn't be found.

It was at this point the teen apparently started feeling some remorse (or at least faking it) and began sending her mom apology text messages such as, "Mom Im so sorry I dont know why I did it" and "Did any of u get hurt."

The girl reportedly blamed her firestarter ways on reading the book Soul Eater. It's from a series of anime books about a living scythe and a weapon meister, and honestly, I have no idea what the hell that means. But don't let your teens read it, lest they get some crazy ideas. And definitely keep them away from Slender Man.

The girl reportedly told police the book got her thinking about bullying and discipline -- and I guess she doesn't like either, and somehow that translated to her allegedly pouring rum and bleach onto a towel and bed sheet, lighting them on fire, and leaving them to burn in the family's garage. Trust me, there are better ways to contemplate bullying and discipline.

Cops also allegedly found journal entries with the girl threatening to kill her family.

The teen has been charged with arson and two counts of attempted murder.

Wow, what do you do with a teen like this? She's basically just ruined her life and almost killed her family. Do kids at this age truly understand the ramifications of their actions? That's a question for the experts, but if I were this mom, I wouldn't want her coming back home, that's for sure.

Should she be charged as an adult?

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