Woman Is Caught Shoplifting & Takes Off Without Baby


If you just so happen to be shoplifting with an infant in tow, as so many of us often do, and you are unlucky enough to get caught, naturally, you should flee with $86 worth of merchandise and leave your baby behind, right? Right?!

Shockingly, Djuna Tansmore, 48, isn't the first woman to abandon a child while stealing from a store, and we're guessing she won't be the last. The Pennsylvania woman was reportedly swiping five containers of laundry detergent and Miracle Whip -- for a total value of $86.58 -- when the store's loss prevention officer approached her. Her infant niece, who was strapped in to the shopping cart, was apparently strapped in pretty tight because Tansmore couldn't remove her. No worries, she allegedly took off with the mayo and detergent, leaving the tot behind.

A surveillance video from the store reportedly shows the suspect tipping the cart back and forth in an effort to release her niece from the babyseat, but to no avail. When she realized she couldn't manage it, police say she fled. She was found and arrested near her home in Monessen, according to authorities.

Tansmore has been charged with retail theft, recklessly endangering another person, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, and endangering the welfare of children. She was placed in prison after failing to post $10,000 bond and her hearing is scheduled for September 9.

As for the poor 1-year-old baby involved in this mess, she was safely returned to her mother.

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You'd like to believe this is a crazy, one-off incident. But, oh boy, has this happened often. A Florida mom named Rebecca Stoltz left her 6-year-old daughter and 9-year-old stepdaughter behind when she reportedly got caught stealing clothes from a Walmart in July. She then arranged for someone to go pick up her kids at the store, which makes you wonder if she really didn't suspect the cops might have their ride home covered.

And moms aren't the only ones doing this. Back in 2011, a man and a woman in Louisiana were also shoplifting at -- you guessed it -- Walmart when they were confronted by police. They left their 9-month-old baby behind just so they wouldn't have to face the music. How could they have both thought of the same idiotic plan at once?

You gotta wonder if these moms, aunts, and dads consider for even one red hot minute how they're going to get away with their crime if they ever hope to be reunited with their child again. With that said, if there was any thinking involved, we bet nothing like this would ever happen in the first place.

What consequence do you think someone should face for leaving their child behind when they get caught shoplifting?


Image via Monessen Police Department



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Lynette Lynette

These crazies need to steal something to baby wear with for a quick getaway. Wow, nuts!

Michelle Collins Carrigan

Maybe they should get their kids taken away.  They are clearly more worried about themselves than their kids.


nonmember avatar TrayCee

I say charge them with child endangerment child abandonment theft failure to comply throw the book at them. I find it utterly disgusting anyone would bring a child with them to commit a crime. I mean do they have an understanding in their warped mind that if crap hits the fan it''s every man, woman, child, for themselves!??! Stupid!!

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