Mom Calls Police After Swing Set Argument With Another Parent

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swing setWe have all witnessed bad behavior on the playground ... and I'm not just talking about the kids. One mom recently called the police on a dad who tried to force her daughter off the swings so that his own child could have a turn. The details are more than just a little startling.

Apparently, a mom was pushing her little girl on the swing set when a dad approached and said he was waiting for a swing. The mom replied that she would be another five minutes, to which the dad stopped the swing and physically tried to remove the woman's daughter. 

The mom was so alarmed, she called the police on the aggressive father. His behavior sounds pretty outrageous, right? Most parents would freak out about a stranger manhandling their child for any reason. However, the issue has divided parents. Some feel that he deserves to be arrested for his actions while others say the mom totally overreacted.

For me, it forces more questions. How long was this mother hogging the swing? We have all rolled our eyes at that mom who seems oblivious to the fact that there are children on the playground other than hers. Who knows what kind of attitude she threw at that dad? That said, he had no right to touch her child. I suppose, if I really felt as threatened as this mom says she did, I would call the police too. Nothing can enrage a mother more than when she thinks her child is being mistreated. So regardless of how angry or annoyed this father may have been, he should have handled the situation differently. He certainly wouldn't want someone to treat his kid that way. Fortunately for him, she did not press charges. 

Do you think this mom overreacted? 


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Carme... Carmen8706

He had no right to put his hands on that little girl.  It's a free country, it wasn't his kid, he should have waited his damn turn.  I would have pressed charges.

meaga... meagansmommy07

If some strange man stopped the swing and tried tO left one of my kids off of the swing, the people at the park would have to call the cops tO get me off of him. I'm tiny so I'm sure he would be a lot bigger than mr but you mess with my kid and it's on...not tO mention I carry pepper spray. There is no reason tO ever touch someone else's kid, especially over a swing...seriously is there only one swing at this park??

nonmember avatar Emmie

I am completely against the entitlement mentality that has gripped the nation, however, if someone physically touched my child in an aggressive way because they had a problem with me, I would have done the same thing. My husband would have kicked his ass.

Amber Peerboom Mosher

How many playgrounds have only a single swing? Certainly none that I've been to. Most of the playgrounds that I've been to have at least 3 swings. So why did he feel the need to bully that mom and her child?

AliPa... AliParker

I doubt the mom was as nice as she is saying she was. It's a bit far fetched to think this dad flipped like that for no reason. But stranger things have happened and I wasn't there... However it may have happened he still had no right to stop the swing. That's too close to another's child. He should've done what any other parent would have done, say something snarky about learning to share to the mom and leave or wait. It also doesn't say how long she had her kid in the swing before he even asked. Again, not that he had a right, but I've certainly been at a park where some idiot parent doesn't think their kid needs to share with anyone else. And it is "a free country" but there are manners and respect for others. At least there is supposed to be.

nonmember avatar kdsue

Absolutely correct to call the police. He committed an assault - touching someone without their permission in a manner that causes physical injury OR causes them to fear they are in imminent danger of a physical injury. Pretty sure a random stranger pulling a kid off of a swing while he's angry is going to scare the crap out of that kid. And her mom. Someone assaults my kid, you better bet your a$$ I'm calling the cops!

nonmember avatar kay

She can hog that swing for three days straight if she wants.

You never touch another child unless absolutely necessary.

Probably some douche who thought he he had authority over women when they don't do what he wants

the4m... the4mutts

I don't care if this mom was a total bitch, and her precious snowflake had been on the swing for 3hrs. YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON SOMEONE'S CHILD!

Unless you are saving them from harm, like running straight into traffic, you do not touch.

The cops would have been called on me if some strange man or woman tried to manhandle my kid.

lizilli lizilli

That Mom could have been the meanest, rudest most disagreeable Mom on the playground, but, under no circumstances does anybody aggressively touch a child hat isn't theirs.  That man lost his mind and attempted to remove a child, that was not his, from a swing.  No way is this acceptable.  She could have been hogging that swing for a week and you still don't attempt to remove another person's child........

IKnow... IKnow0101

You know this happen to me a couple a years ago. Two girls around the age of eight were on the swing for a very long time but I told my daughter who was 3 to wait and play in the sand. When they got off I put my daughter in the swing and 2 minutes later they came and told me that my child needed to get off. I told them very nicely that we were going to take turns when one of the girl's mom came over and said that her daughter had the swing first and we needed to move. I've never been in this type of situation before with a parent. Let's just say things escalated. Not only was I blown away by a child trying to tell me what to do but I knew she learned from her so called parent.

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