10-Month-Old Baby's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is Simply Horrifying

bucket of water

Ok, I know the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is kind of all the rage right now, to the point where it's impossible to scroll through our Facebook news feeds without seeing at least one or two on any given day.

But after seeing a video of a 10-month-old taking the Ice Bucket Challenge after being forced to do so by her grandfather, I'm shocked, appalled, and somewhat speechless, as I'm sure you'll be too.

Apparently the baby's parents are going through a nasty divorce, and her dad, Claude Dalcour, was absolutely disgusted after seeing the video on Facebook.

The clip is a little blurry, but you can still see the look of pure horror on that baby's face after having ice water dumped on her head.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Seriously? Are you believing this?

Um, what the hell was this dude thinking? I don't blame that little girl's dad one bit for going to the police ... wouldn't you?!?

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I mean, I know plenty of children have gotten involved and made their own challenge videos, but most of them did so willingly.

I don't care how much this man thought he was doing a good thing by supporting the cause -- getting his infant granddaughter involved is nothing short of irresponsible, not to mention downright cruel.

Hopefully her mother was just as horrified upon seeing the video as Dalcour was, because the thought of this child being left in the care of that man again after what he did to her is simply unfathomable. Seriously, would you ever entrust him with your kid again after a stunt like this? (I think not.)

Do you think the grandfather deserves to be punished?


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nonmember avatar georgia

yeah ok its not the best idea but its not going to kill her. we where born naked and in colder conditions years ago and we are just getting stupid with over protecting and discriminating people. get over it she wasn't new born. yeah she looked shocked but did she have any injuries? and is she scared emotionaly probably not. and if it was a hot day she probably liked the cool water. it was on her for seconds its not like he put her in a ice bath. let the poor man live his life stop putting people down !!!

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

I'd have to agree with Georgia on this one (Sam's comment aside). While it wasn't the smartest idea, I don't feel this warrants all the abuse chatter this videos getting. I bet the grandfather thought it would be cute - again, not the smartest plan - but it was a little bucket of water...I don't see this as dyfs worthy.

nonmember avatar maia

didn't you see the ice cubes? that was just not stupid it was dangerous and the girl had her face turned up.

Noahs... Noahs-Mom

What an IDIOT. OMGsh 

ladyl... ladylopezzz

I really hope he is prosecuted. Babies can't control their body temps as well as us, not to mention a handful of dumbasses died from this challenge already. Shaking my head.

nonmember avatar Anna

I think this was a very dumb idea, but we should give him a break. Two years ago there was an accident in my father's work. It wasn't deadly, or anything, but it was on the news in our area. Some lady from States away filed a horrible complaint that lead to my father having to go on trial for something he never did. This lady ruined my dad's life for those few years. He was accused, hated, and fired.

And i know it's not the same with this case but we do need to forgive and forget. Most people these days take things too far. Some things just are not others buisness and we should let the family of the child deside what will happen

Starf... Starfire1400

Unbelievably stupid... And cruel to douse an infant in ice water. It's a shock to an adult's body much less an infant's. Good for the father filing a police report on that idiot. It's an assault. That moron should not have unsupervised access to that child. His judgement is seriously flawed.

And georgia? Did you just string some words together and hope for the best? What projecting are you referring to? Projecting good parenting? Common sense? I don't even know how discrimination factors in.

Can't the stir add that mandatory math equation before letting people post? I feel that would screen out some comments.

Belinda Anne Clem

I was joking with my kids that since I was challenge by someone at work that I was going to make them do it.  My girls are 9, 6, 3, and 1.  I don't see the harm in it if you have a warm towel waiting.  My husband put a stop to it say while these things are fun to WATCH he will not be wasting water and ice to do the same.  I called him a party pooper.  And to those that are screaming child abuse, where does this video show that he made her STAY soaking wet?  Maybe right off camera he had thick towels, he turned off the camera, and wrapped her up?  That was the plan I had for my one year old.  It was going to be me and the girls all at once (my youngest prob sitting at my feet as this child was) and then my husband by himself (that way he can record it and help me get the two youngest wrapped up).  Sorry until I see the video that he made the poor shivering baby stay in her wet clothes I don't see how he caused any LONG TERM damage, he just made a bad choice.  As I am pretty sure every one of you have done! Not much different then putting the baby on the bed or couch and turning for a SECOND and the baby hit the floor!

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Anna and Belinda - thank you!! Good to know there are some reasonable people left on the planet. Though I must warn you - because you are not screaming for this mans immediate hanging, and because you dont believe this child was subjected to something close to waterboarding - you will likely be called out on this board. You will likely be called stupid and/or worse - and even have any typos you might have made pointed out by others who dont agree......smh

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