10-Year-Old Boy Cuts Worker's Safety Line Because He Was Disrupting His Cartoons

A man installing lights on the outside of an apartment building in China was just doing his job -- a job that naturally involves making a little bit of noise -- when a 10-year-old boy couldn't take the way he was disrupting his cartoons and did something absolutely frightening: he cut his safety rope with a knife.

For the next 40 minutes, the worker was left dangling 100 feet above the ground. Now, if you have children, this is the point where you might be wondering how you would proceed. Send him to boot camp, perhaps? You may be surprised when you find out how this child's dad reacted to him nearly killing a man.


So, let's back up for a second because this detail may be important to the story: as the child was reportedly cutting the rope, this poor worker begged him to stop. He says the kid refused to listen. Oh, he also claims the boy "just stood" and watched him. Anyone else feel chills running up their spine?

One of the man's workmates heard him scream for help and called the fire department. Thank goodness they were able to bring the worker down to safety.

At first, the boy reportedly refused to tell police what had happened, but they say he later confessed. When dad Tang Peng heard about the incident, he reportedly said, "He just didn't think. We have apologized and bought the man a new rope." Oh, also: they apparently gave him a "good talking too" and he promised to never do it again.

Oh. My. Lord.

Let's start chiming in and filling in the blanks with the "if this was my kid, I would ..." or the "if I did this when I was younger my mom would have .." I sincerely have no idea how I would react if my child did something like this. Age 10 is certainly old enough to know better, isn't it? I'll say it again: thank the lord this worker is okay.

What would you do if your child did something like this? Do you think age 10 is old enough to know better?


Image via Michael Newtown/Flickr

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