Woman Finds Newborn Baby Girl in Her Trash Can

We've heard this story before and it is always so heartbreaking. A 23-year-old woman has been arrested on attempted murder charges for dumping her newborn baby girl in a trash can. Alicia Marie Englert allegedly dumped her baby in the trash can of a neighbor, who luckily heard what she thought was the "meowing" of a kitten and went to investigate.

Instead of a kitten (which would have been sad enough), the neighbor discovered the baby. Police believe the mom dropped the baby off the night before.

Sadly, this happened in Salt Lake City, Utah, a state where mothers can drop off their newborns at hospitals without consequence. However, we can't assume every mother knows this. I wouldn't even know which states allow this and I'm on my computer looking at news stories all day.

However, a mom who truly wanted to save her infant could have done some research at a local library and figured it out. I'm guessing most moms who want to do this are just too ashamed or worried about what kind of response or questions they would get or whether the hospital would want to call parents or police.

One can hope that maybe the woman knew that if she put the baby in the trash, the neighbor would find the child soon enough. Perhaps she had seen the neighbor many times go to the trash can in the morning.

In the worst case scenario, this woman just wanted to get rid of her baby and hoped it would be picked up in the morning by the garbagemen. There is just something about putting your baby in the trash that makes it clear how you feel about the baby. It's not exactly the same thing as wrapping up the child and putting it on a church doorstep, or even pushing a child onto a crowded New York City subway platform, where you know the child will be seen by hundreds of people in about two seconds.

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The woman reportedly didn't want to tell her parents she was pregnant and thought that disposing of the child would "solve her problems."

Really very sad, but hopefully this baby will now find the loving home he or she deserves.

Should the mom have been charged with attempted murder?


Image via City of Stillwater/Flickr

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iicar... iicarmerin

She should be charged with something. It's never okay to abandon a baby in place where the Baby will most likely die. Most women who love their baby and give them up do it in a safe and caring way. I would be more afraid of my baby dying than my parents reaction.

Eva8686 Eva8686

She should be charged with attempted murder. What if NO one heard the baby, and was dead by next morning?? If she had no intention of making sure the baby was alive and found by someone, then she would not have just thrown her away like a piece of trash...just horrible.

TheSi... TheSilence

Obviously she didn't care about the baby and wanted it to die. They should throw the book at people like this.

I hope she is infertile from this point forward.

nonmember avatar MK

Everyone who is outraged by this story should feel the same way about abortion. The pain and suffering babies feel in their mothers womb is the same and much worse. They get chopped up, burned with acid, etc. It's really horrible.

We are such an out of sight out of mind society. Just because you can't see what is happening to the poor baby in its mothers tummy or hear its cry doesn't mean it didn't suffer or that anyone had the right to kill them.

nonmember avatar Cam

And yet if she had just aborted it, no one would've cared...Come on guys, maybe she just wasn't ready for a baby. Her body her choice.

nonmember avatar chelsie

I would just like to say, the mom wasn't mentally there. Her parents made a statement saying that she had the comprehension of a 3rd grader. I'm not condoning what she did at all, it's still very sad and heartbreaking, but we shouldn't judge.

nonmember avatar cynthia

Its okay to be scared,to change your mind,to feel your not ready,but it's not okay to dump a baby in the trash can.YES l feel you should be arrested for child endangerment and attempted murder.YOU were of sound mind and body. Please tie your tubes.

nonmember avatar gsmomma

If what a previous poster said is true. Who is having sex with a 23 yr old woman that has the mental capacity of a third grader. If it is true then what she did shouldn't be surprising really. How many 8 yr old do you know that try to hide what they've done when they think they could be in trouble. And who is taking care of this woman? Didn't notice any changes? Going off her mental capacity 8 yr olds aren't that sneaky.

Og_gl... Og_gleaves

Pa-lease! Every time something like this happens, & not even specifically throwing babies away but just putting their kids in danger it's always a mental incapability that's to blame! This is not some teenager (even then though I don't care) she's an adult at 23, what her parents think shouldn't be the thing to push her into putting an innocent child into a dirty trash can. Also if she is in fact at a third grade level then 1) what are her parents doing to scare her enough to push her to this. 2) I know nowadays kids are doing things earlier but what "3rd grader" is having sex? She's obviously not that much mentally incapable if she understands what that is. I don't I think this story is bull$hit. She's disgusting and deserves to get punished.

What kind of insensitive woman do you have to be to be pregnant feel this life growing in you, eventually give birth and then look at those beautiful little baby faces and say "F" you. Your nothing but trash to me. ?!?!?!? Ugh. Non religious woman here saying the devil is defienitly among us.

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