Mom of 5 Gets Her Stolen Car Back With Classic 'Mom Move' (VIDEO)

When single mom of five Megan Bratten had her van stolen, the last thing she expected was that she'd end up making a sympathetic human connection with the thief who took it. But that's what happened. Megan, of Independence, Missouri, was horrified when she came out of a K-Mart to find that her van was gone. The mom desperately needed the van for work and for her children. At this point, most of us would curse the skies and call 911. But Megan had what turned out to be a better idea. She began texting the van thief.

Megan remembered that she had left her cellphone in the van and that possibly whoever had the van would pick up if she got in touch. Hoping that there was a beating heart within the cold chest of the person who would filch her van, she began texting pleas for the person to return it. She wrote:

Hey, you just stole a single mother of five's work van. You are ruining my life here.

When three hours went by, and numerous more texts didn't get a response, she decided to try a different approach. She's a mom, so she knows how to badger, plead, cajole, and guilt. She texted:

OMG car thief people can you just give me my van back! It would be epic, the miracle I need right now.

That must have done the trick, because suddenly the man began texting back, saying:

I do feel bad ... my kids needed a meal on the table so that's what their dad did got them food. I know its wrong but it's been so hard since I lost my job.

The man then gave Megan instructions on where to find her van. She took her mom and her dog and went to retrieve it. It was just where he said it would be.

Megan says she doesn't have the heart to file a police report, since she feels the man is down and out, and she can relate.

Megan used a risky but compassionate ploy with a person who, yes, is a criminal and made the wrong choice, but who is human and apparently had been having a difficult time. Absolutely no excuse, of course. But sometimes criminals are just like you and me, only much, much more desperate.

Now hopefully he has learned his lesson and won't keep stealing cars.

Would you have done what she did?



Image via KCTV

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jenna... jennar216

I would have done exactly what she did. She is a good person who understands desperate times can make you do unthinkable crimes! Good for her giving a father a second chance, maybe he will take this experienceas a lesson learned. I hope he gets back on his feet.

Mommy... MommyO2-6631

Aww that's sweet of her. I'm sure the next victim of this thief will appreciate her compassion! He stole a car!!

nonmember avatar Heather

I understand where the compassion for the other person comes from. My husband and I live on a tight budget each year. He's a truck driver so some years are better than other but we struggle. We "rob Peter to pay Paul" a lot of times throughout the year but we always manage to find was to make extra money to cover what we need. This woman is a much better person than I am because being down on your luck with kids is no excuse ever to break the law. The man who stole her van should have to pay for his crime. I've gone without so my kids could eat, but I nor my husband would ever break the law to feed them. There are soup kitchens and food banks and churches that help families out. If they are that bad off apply for government assistance of some sort but don't do anything illegal. It makes perfect sense to me the guy though oh shit I have to feed my kids, I'm going to steal this vehicle and they must have it better than me. Seriously grow up and do right by yourself and your kids. This man should go to jail, I don't care how down and out he is. At least I'd sleep better knowing he wouldn't be doing it to someone else.

the4m... the4mutts

Good for this woman for being a better/more tolerant person than me. I would have called 911, and had my cell company turn on my phone's gps, since it's hooked to my car through bluetooth, and I keep my cell put away, so it wouldn't have been seen at first glance.

I have been down on my luck at times. Despite being educated, well trained, and well rounded, there were times in my early 20's when I had a VERY hard time feeding my children. I was married, and my husband had a good job, but then shit happened. Car broke down, our swamp cooler broke in the middle of summer, and then our son broke his arm at school.

Never once did I consider stealing from anyone to cover these costs. I begged money from family, I borrowed from cash advance places, and I sold items I didn't need on craigslist. We did not steal.

EarlG... EarlGrayHot

This lady is nuts not to have filed a police report. I don't care how deseperate someone is, you don't steal from others. I would have called the police down on his ass right now.

Tommy Newnes

I wouldn't have texted him. I would have left my phone in my car, then used the GPS on the phone to find the car, either by the FindMyiPhone app, or if the cops are able to track it directly. Sucks he lost his job, but that wouldn't be my problem.

Sarah... SarahHall58

Ya let's let a criminal continue to steal cars all for some sob story. He very well may have been LYING to not have the police called and he got his wish.

Haley Maya Unger

If her phone was in the van what was she texting with?


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