Family Who Thought House Was Haunted by Ghosts Finds Out Scarier Truth (VIDEO)

ghostly shadow

Imagine going around thinking your house was haunted -- things are moving around inexplicably, things you can't explain. Kind of cool to tell your family and friends, right? Well, that's what Rachel Leck thought. A lamp was knocked down; some decorations fell off the wall. Perhaps a visit from a friendly spirit? Um, no, the reality is far more terrifying. 


After observing these strange movements in her southern Ontario home, on August 17, as she went to sit down on the sofa, she saw a 10-foot snake draped over the arm rest opposite her.

Commence. Screaming. Now.

"There was some screams and there was some swearing," she recalled in an interview over the phone. Definitely would be most people's initial reaction! Police say the constrictor snake is most likely a Burmese python -- an exotic species that is prohibited from being kept as a pet in Midland.

Here it is:

burmese python


Leck immediately took her 10-year-old son to her neighbor's house. "There’s adrenaline and then you go into shock," she said.

Yes, we can only imagine the level of panic and shock involved seeing a 10-foot python chillin' on your living room sofa.

Police and animal control responded to what must have been a very frantic call. A dozen or so neighbors also came by and found the snake under a shelf. When it heard people coming, it sought "refuge under a large couch," according to a police report.

The thought of it slithering around one's living room is just terrifying. What is it about snakes that is so freakin' scary??

And of course there's video thanks to a very helpful neighbor, Jeremy Walsh. Three officers and one man from animal control were able to successfully catch the snake and drop it into a cage in said video.

Obviously, Leck said what we were all thinking until the snake had left the premises: "You couldn’t pay me to go back inside."

She believes the snake lived there rent-free for about a week.

But you gotta give props to her 10-year-old son. He came up to her and said, "Now that I think about it, I actually don’t mind snakes." He then requested to go inside to check it out. Brave little boy! Hmmm, well, when you come right down to it, a snake is actually just another living, breathing ... nope. This is petrifying. And nothing, even an innocent 10-year-old boy, will convince me otherwise.

Here is the nightmare-inducing footage:

That is just ... no.

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