Boy's Dairy Queen Milkshake Reportedly Tainted With Chemical Cleaner

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Dairy Queen tainted milkshake
If you weren't feeling overwhelmed enough by all the bad news in the world lately, let me go ahead and ratchet your stress levels up a notch or two by sharing this story of a child who was served a milkshake filled with a CHEMICAL CLEANER.

Last week, a 7-year-old in Colorado ordered a vanilla milkshake from a Dairy Queen. He took a drink and immediately complained about the taste, and his mom verified that something wasn't right: "You could feel it burn all the way down to your stomach." She went in the store to complain, where she says the employees showed virtually no concern. It wasn't until she spoke with the manager later that night that she learned the vanilla syrup in her son's shake was tainted with a chemical cleaner.

God, between this and the lady who was served lye in her tea, restaurant beverages are sounding downright terrifying lately.

Seven-year-old Riley Chase says he knew right away that his shake had something wrong with it:

It tasted gross. Something was like bubbling on my tongue.

After his mom Lisa Chase checked the drink herself, she says complaining at the store did little good:

There was nothing. There was no concern. There wasn't 'let's stop making this stuff.'

The restaurant’s manager eventually admitted there had been a contamination and revealed that they'd accidentally sold tainted milkshakes to at least two other customers. Both those customers and Riley were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Apparently what happened was an employee left a container with chemical cleaner in the sink and then another employee later filled that container with vanilla syrup, thinking the container was clean. Both employees have been written up, but Chase doesn't think enough is being done:

There's no reason that that should have ever happened. They need to be held accountable for what they're doing because they could've cost people their lives.

Dairy Queen has issued a statement to ABC News, emphasizing that this isn't a franchise-wide problem:

This was an accidental and isolated incident. The employees responsible have been reprimanded. The rest of the staff is getting new training.

I'm sure this was just a careless accident, but it's creepy that this story is hitting the news so soon after we heard about the Utah woman was hospitalized after being served lye-tainted tea at a barbecue restaurant. In that case, an employee had somehow mistook degreaser -- made up of sodium hydroxide, or lye -- for sugar, mixing it into the tea and causing the woman to suffer deep burns to her mouth, throat, and upper esophagus. Not only did she nearly die, but despite the restaurant's claims that it was an "isolated incident," reports are now surfacing that a month prior, a Dickey's employee had been similarly burned after taste-testing an unmarked container to see if it was sugar.

What the hell, restaurants. I'm disturbed by the fact that this can happen at ALL, much less twice in a short period of time, so I hope every eatery is reviewing their policies and doubling down in their effort to keep the deadly chemicals out of the things we consume.

Are you freaked out by these back-to-back beverage horror stories?

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Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Unfortunately, these are risks that you take anytime you allow someone else to prepare your food/beverages. The internet makes it so much easier to hear of all the horrible experiences involving fast-food products, but could you imagine the things that we don't know .. that no one will ever know? .. Let's be honest here, people do not thoroughly check what they put in their mouths every single time. Think how many bugs, hairs, etc get eaten without ever knowing... not to mention contamination by sneezing, spitting, etc ..

nonmember avatar sarah

I worked in a diner in school..Scary stuff back in the kitchen

nonmember avatar Its Me

I wouldn't be surprised if people weren't spiking their drinks to either sue the companies and/or tear down the fast food industry.

nonmember avatar S

It was an accident. No one should be getting in trouble. Sometimes stuff happens and it's unavoidable. Ive worked in fast food and can say that there is usually a lack of communication between employees- that's not unusual. Whoever filled it with Chemical and didn't finish cleaning it should've made sure it was clean, but probably got busy.

Lori Garofalo

Cleaners are always supposed to be stored in their original containers. If the container was in the dirty side of the sink with dish soap in it, no one should have used it. No other chemicals should have been in a container meant for food. So yes, this was completely avoidable and damn straight people should be in trouble.

Brenda Kalmbach

Oh, goody. Time to start testing my kiddos drinks when we eat out just to be sure. 

anony... anonymous12308

This happened down the street from me it's very sad I used to go there all the time.

Charl... Charlyla2

Yeah, if you had ever worked in a restarsunt of ANY kind, you would avoid eating out at all costs!

Panda... PandaPop83

None of these establishments follow proper protocal and procedures when handling chemicals? I wonder if any employee in these establishments know where the MSDS sheets are and if there is every one for every single chemical they use, down to the hand soap in the restrooms. Especially in a food establishment, knowing what cleaning chemicals are being used and making sure they are labeled properly is very important. People's lives depend on it. I agree that a write-up is not enough, but it starts with management. If an employer doesn't train its employee to know what to do with chemicals, they're the ones that should be held accoubtable.

Jessica Condon

To the person who said accidents happen...yes they do. But this type of accident should NEVER happen.Foodstuffs should never ever be placed in a container that once hd chemicals, even if the container had been cleaned! chemicals and food should be in completely different types of containers, clearly labeled, and never cross contaminated. im sure this is in some FDA or OSHA handbook somewhere! ridiculous.

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