Man Who Wants 'Hundreds' of Babies Is Already Well On His Way

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A man who either really likes babies or has nefarious intent with babies is being investigated after nine babies were found living in his condo -- each with a nanny. All of the babies, plus seven others, had been fathered by him with surrogates -- and he reportedly has expressed a desire to have hundreds more babies.

Police raided the man's condo in Bangkok and found the nine babies, each with a nanny. They lived in a few unfurnished rooms fitted with bottles, cribs, and other baby needs. It's unclear where the other seven babies were before the raid.

The man used fertility clinics to hire the surrogates, and the head of one clinic says she warned police about him right after the first baby was born, since he immediately wanted more babies. Mariam Kukunashvili, founder of the New Life clinic, told The Associated Press:

As soon as they got pregnant, he requested more. He said he wanted 10 to 15 babies a year, and that he wanted to continue the baby-making process until he's dead.

Actually, he didn't want to stop there. Reportedly, he'd even frozen his sperm so more could be made after he died!

The man, through his lawyer, claimed he just wanted a big family and has the means to take care of them all. Wow. I don't even think Octomom is this baby-obsessed.

However, authorities suspect that he might be having the babies for darker reasons, such as child trafficking. The head of the clinic also said he said something about wanting to run for office and using his children to vote for him.

Either way, the guy sounds out of his mind.

His lawyer argues that the man had birth certificates for all the babies and had put assets in their names. Why, he argues, would he do all that if he was going to sell them?

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Who the hell knows, but there is no way you can properly care for hundreds of babies. Not even Bill Gates should do it! Being a dad is about more than having the money to pay for the essentials.

Guy sounds like he has an ego that has run amok.

Why do you think he's doing this?


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nonmember avatar Darein

Sounds like someone was a little full of himself and figured he should breed a new master race.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Inspired by Michelle Duggar, no doubt. However, with only 16 kids, he still hasn't passed her, yet.

sterl... sterling21

The medical community is perplexing, just because they have the technology does not mean they have to use it. I don't understand how its doing "no harm" to continue to let this man collect babies when he is completely nuts. What happens when they become teenagers is he going to discard them?

Taisie Taisie

lols @ SnappleQueen

mayba... maybaby180

I say if he can pay they can stay.

iamna... iamnameless

Why would he take such good care of them if he is just going to traffic them? I say they should be watching him and this but I really don't know why they are taking them. He may just want a large family. May he didn't grow up with a family ?

rocky... rockyhugs35

If he can afford them then why not? Why is it OK for women to have or want large families even without a father but a man can't?

tryag... tryagain1002

If the man is taking good care of the babies, has the means to support them... Why is this even a problem?

Every baby has a nanny... Question them as to how the guy is, and ya got your answer.

Someone should have done this to octomom. Lord knows she needed the intervention.

ckmomof2 ckmomof2

If he can support them financially and emotionally then I think it is fine. Otherwise time for the nut house!

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