Woman Charged With Leaving Baby Alone in Car While She Drank Got Very Lucky

Police responded to a woman who was allegedly intoxicated and had fallen asleep in a Bristol, Connecticut, bar. Kelsey James, 22, was brought to the hospital and didn't sober up for a good five hours. Hospital staff were astonished when she became more aware of her surroundings and finally asked them where her 2-year-old daughter was. Cops then set out to search for the toddler -- only to find the little girl fast asleep in the car at the bar parking lot.

This woman may be suffering from the disease of alcoholism. How else do you leave your child in a car, go into a bar and start drinking, and fall asleep, with no awareness that you've just left your child in danger?

This story could have ended up so much more tragically. For one, it could have been stifling hot out and the child could have died. Luckily, the northeast is having a cool summer so far.

Also, someone could have nabbed the sleeping child. Thankfully, neither of these things happened.

James was charged with risk of injury to a minor and leaving an unsupervised child in a motor vehicle.

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Once was a time when it was fairly common for people to leave their kids in cars while drinking it up at a bar, but this just doesn't fly anymore. James' daughter is now with child welfare authorities.

James needs to take this as her wake-up call. She's young still, but your life changes when you become a mom -- your child becomes your first priority. Get sober, get healthy. Do it for your kid.


Image via Bristol police


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mrsary mrsary

Ugh... alcoholism sucks!

nonmember avatar Mari

I'm a 21 year old mom to a two year old daughter as well. I'm not a drinker but if I thought about drinking or even going out I would leave my child with a babysitter or with a relative I trust. Who leaves their child in the car while drinking?!Also was she planning to drive home drunk?! Wth is wrong with people. I'm glad they took her child away and hopefully she doesn't get her child back because what she did is so stupid. She needs to grow up and think about what comes first and that's her child!!!

KWill... KWilliams-0513

Piece of shit person. Sorry excuse for a mother. Waste of oxygen. DOES NOT deserve a precious baby. Just kill her.... Need I say more?

nonmember avatar lilarose

If we want to see a change in people, we need to become a little more compassionate. I understand most mother's wouldn't even think of doing something like this... And think very lowly of those who endanger other, especially their own child's life, it is very heart breaking and in or eyes selfish... But let's just be a bit more compassionate to this who have a problem. We have no idea what state this girl was in, it's so easy to judge and say hurtful things to someone who has done wrong. Can we show love.... Be a little more concerned with what this person is or has gone through? Not a victim per say.... Must be held accountable for actions, but also obviously needs love in her life. In every person I believe has or had light inside of them, but it was dimmed and needs help to find it again. We were not born "evil". No body was. I have such a hard time automatically assuming that I know the whole truth to who a person is through an incident.

Victoria Cook


mummy... mummyoftwins92

What a stupid excuse for a sad case of a mother! I hope child services takes that child and she goes to a family member or someone else who wouldnt be so dumb and irresponsible.

missk... misskittycali2

Victoria Cook. I was raised in a trailer park by my middle clas family so I am not understanding what living in a trailer park has to do with poor decision making? Not to mention, I am pretty sure this girl has no idea how to be a mother in the first place. I hope she gets the help she needs and learns to be a more responsible human being. I know I am, which is shocking, considered I was raised in a trailer park and all...you do relaize that moblile homes cost almost as much as a real house in California yes? Please stop using hate speech and ma'am, you are the moron. Moron means ignorant, cretin, simpleton, clod and you have managed to fit all of those by your remark. 

julie... julie21210

I'm sorry but "once was the time when it was fairly common for people to leave their kids in cars while drinking it up at the bars" I get it that things are way more strict now a days then they used to be , but when the hell did anyone ever actually so that?

Erin Higgins

It may have been more "common" at one time to leave your child alone in the car for hours at a time so the parents could drink away their sorrows, but that does NOT make it any more acceptable, nor does it ever make it right. 

nonmember avatar Michelle Cardig

Alcoholism isn't an excuse. She probably wasn't drunk when she decided to leave her kid in the car. My mom said her parents left them in the car for a couple hours at the bar when she was little. Apparently this was common.

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