Man Who Deliberately Broke Starbucks Pay It Forward Line Should Be Applauded

So these Starbucks pay-it-forward lines seem to have become an official "thing" now. That's where someone in front of you in line pays for your order, and then you reciprocate by paying for the person behind you. Kind of a bum deal if you're getting a small black coffee and the person behind you is getting lunch, but whatevahs. It's supposed to be about being good! And kind! And charitable! Ermkay.

We read about one continuous line that ended after 11 hours with customer number 378, a woman who apparently didn't understand the concept (nothing like playing dumb!) and just wanted to pay for her order. Now there's customer number 458, Peter Schorsch, who deliberately broke a different pay-it-forward line because he's a meanie-poo. But after listening to his defense, I gotta say, the man is making some sense.

Schorsch headed up to the line at a drive-through Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida and ordered two Venti Mocha Frappuccinos. He was then asked by the barista if he'd like to pay for the people behind him, since the ones in front had paid for his order. And Schorsch said ... no! Wah-wah.

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Thus ended a 10-hour PIF line. Schorsch said he felt like the line had become a marketing gimmick, and had nothing to do with being genuinely kind, and he felt like he was being forced into something. Just to show it wasn't about him being stingy, he left a $100 tip for the barista.

Schorsch told ABC News:

This is turning into something ridiculous and cheesy. It just seems like a 'First World' problem to me. Middle-class people sitting in their cars at a drive-thru, sipping a $5 drink and worrying about someone breaking the ranks.

He also suggested that if people want to help others, how about starting with the homeless, not someone who wants a $5 coffee. Amen, brother. 

I like spontaneous acts of giving, but by the time the cashier is guilting you into paying for someone else's drinks lest you be known as a killjoy, well, that's not so much about being kind-hearted, and reeks more of strong-arming people into free publicity for a multibillion-dollar corporation.

So, I have to agree with this guy. If I ever see him, I won't buy him a coffee, but I'm sure he won't mind.

Do you agree with him or no?

Image via Starbucks/Instagram

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alika... alikay1986

Thank you! I'm so tired of seeing people so proud of themselves for doing the most mundane things. Buying overpriced coffee for someone when your overpriced coffee is already paid for is not charity, just like dumping ice water on yourself in the middle of summer isn't. 

Tracys2 Tracys2

That's fine. Somebody was going to, and he did it in a nice way.

The "pay-it-forward" was a fun game, like many other fun games, and it made people feel better about themselves, which is good.

Helping the homeless or giving money to a worthy cause is better.

Getting annoyed at the fun little media stunts WITHOUT actually doing good by encouraging people to do even better things, is the only thing I have an issue with.

Tearing down something for not being good enough is a LOT easier than coming up with something constructive.

PIF was more of a game though, since everyone got their drinks paid for and paid for another drink, it was a game because nobody quite benefitted. Not like the ALS thing, where ALS research got millions of dollars and therefore there was a net benefit.

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

Forgive me for being unfamiliar with this. But how exactly does this work? How do you pay for the person behind you? How do you know what they are getting? And how is it charitable to purchase something for someone who ckearly could afford it on their own anyhow? I'm just confused.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Miss Ann Thrope, if it's drive through most likely the person behind you is already ordering by the time you pull up to the window. You just wait a minute and ask for their total.

AliPa... AliParker

I agree with him and applaud him. It's not all that great of a "good deed" in my opinion. And I also agree that it's not so great for the person in front of the car buying for multiple people. I also think it does become more or a pressure than anything else. What fun and great is that? It isn't.

Janet Palaggi

So true ,,, ask them if they want to pay 7.00 for coffee, 2 going to the homeless or animal shelter, and see what happens!!! People are not kind, they just dont want to break minority.

nonmember avatar Dan

Good grief, do we have to really find fault with every single thing. Ok, the guy has his issues but how about commending those people out there who thought they were doing a good thing...and WERE doing a good deed. Just because it doesn't fix all of life's ills doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize a good deed.

Jozemom Jozemom

I'm confused how exactly this is a good deed. How has someone helped me by paying $4 for my order while forcing me to fork out $20 for the next order? As far as I'm concerned, this is the worst good deed I have ever heard of. 

miche... micheledo

I agree.  This isn't a good deedI would break it too.  Though I also wouldn't be getting expensive coffee.  :D

Check out this Coffee charity:

They get coffee shops to keep a running tab.  People come in and give money or pay for a drink or sandwich.  Then those in need, homeless, can't afford a drink/meal can come in and ask for a suspended coffee.  They get a free drink because people have already paid. 

Sure I am positive there are those who take advantage of it, but it also helps out those who REALLY need it.  Not just a stupid line of people trying to set a record and paying for someone else's drink while getting theirs paid for.

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I agree with him too. The concept is nice but it quickly became cheesy and more of an obligation than because you really wanted to do it.

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