Man Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault Says He's 'Done Worse' to Other Women

If women who have been raped or sexually assaulted or molested feel like they're the only ones this has happened to -- or that they can't tell police because they must have somehow been at fault for what was done to them -- this news story should prove that is far from the truth.

A man from Ohio was arrested for raping a 21-year-old woman whom he had met through an online dating service. When questioned by police, Terry Smith, Jr., 25, wasn't the least bit surprised, it seems. Instead, he reportedly told cops he'd "done worse" and "more serious" to at least six other women over the past two years.

Shirley Koval has bravely come forward -- and allowed the media to publish her name -- because she says she wants others to hear her story. After meeting the suspect on the Plenty of Fish dating site and spending time with him and some of her friends, she agreed to go to his apartment to watch a movie. He reportedly raped her at his home. She says she was scared to report the rape at first because she knew better than to go to Smith's home and she figured the attack was partly her fault.

Her 11-year-old sister helped convince her that she was a victim and deserved to seek justice for what had happened to her. Smart kid.

When cops arrived at his apartment to arrest Smith, they say they found him with another woman -- who also reported that she had been sexually attacked by the suspect.

Police say Smith didn't seem shocked that he had been caught and that he admitted he had been doing this for awhile to various women.

A second victim, 21-year-old Brittany Duckery, also came forward and told police she had been raped by Smith after meeting him on the same dating website. She says she had consensual sex with Smith twice, but then broke things off with him. She had left her eyeglasses at his apartment and claims he refused to bring them to her. When she showed up at his door to retrieve them, she claims the suspect raped her.

Duckery called police only after Smith texted her a few days later and told her he was going to shoot himself if she didn't go to his house to see him.

Like Koval, this young woman probably assumed she was raped because of her own actions. It's so sad to think of how many women are out there carrying around the burden of blame for unwanted sexual attacks. Let's hope the other women whom Smith says he raped feel safe enough to come forward so that they can take back some of the power that was stolen from them.

Smith has been charged with two counts of rape and kidnapping. He is being held on $1.5 million bond.

What can be done to encourage more victims of sexual crimes to report them?


Image via Columbus Police Department

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Lando... Landon2012

Wow this guy belongs in prison where he can get get ass raped. Then he can think about how his victims felt what a piece of shit.

Christopher Scott Redd

I guess Lisa fogarty loves reportedly. You mean you don't know if he actually did? So essentially, she went on plenty of fish, got a bad catch, got caught up in the date, and then let her sister brainwash her into thinking she's the victim. Why'd you go to his apartment in the first place? Her 11-year-old sister helped convince her that she was a victim" -- for putting herself in that position in the first place? Got to love the next generation of affirmation complexes and labeling aversion. "Like Koval, assumed she was raped because of her own actions" -- well please explain how her actions didn't contribute to the rape.

nonmember avatar Chocolate bar

Christopher,you and people like you are the reason women can't report rape without questioning it first. Just because she was on a date with him does NOT mean she wanted to have sex. Not all women go back to someone's place to sleep with them. You make me sick. No means no,I don't care where you are or what situation you're in.

nonmember avatar Rape Survivor

The article asks what can be done to encourage victims to report rape. As a knowledgeable victim, I did not report because I did not want to be further raped by the system. I was lucky. I was date raped, and his room mate gave me his home phone in NYC. The guy was a pilot for United and stayed in an apartment when working in California. I called his wife and told, then the room mate took the phone and backed up my story. He knew I was truthful from the guy's history and my many bruises, 75% of which were on my inner thighs. This was enough for me. What he did couldn't be fixed. I still don't trust cops or D.A's.

Tony Dunn

I think people are neglecting to familiarize themselves with the reports before publicly posting an opinion. In both of these cases, the sex started consensually, and then progressed to an unexpected act. Nowhere in ANY of the reports did it say that the "victims" made any effort to tell the dude to stop. It's not victim-blaming when there is a breakdown of communication. It's just unfortunate that these people felt that they needed to be spiteful and involve the law when a conversation and possibly an apology might have been sufficient. It's people like these two that make women seem like victims when they can't take responsibility for their own actions. Everyone wants equal rights in this country, but not equal responsibility. I can guarantee that if Smith were gay and these two were men that were "raped" neither you nor the media would have cared in the least. Why are we splitting hairs all of a sudden? I think that this is a classic case of regret=rape.

nonmember avatar CuriousNCA

What can be done is to stop making the victim the bad guy. The victims of rape and other sexual assaults are often made to feel that they 'did something to deserve it'. No one deserves to be assaulted, sexually or otherwise!

Tony Dunn

I understand what you're saying, but once you start believing every "victim" solely on their word, then anyone can cry rape simply because they decide that they regret their own actions. In this case, he's been hung before he's gotten a chance to present a case. Wtf ever happened to innocent until proven guilty??

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