Doctor Accused of Patient Sexual Harassment Has Most Unbelievable Excuse

doctor's officeWhen people are accused of something, they often have excuses to try to clear their name. Sometimes those excuses make sense. But I'm not sure anyone has a more preposterous excuse than this doctor who is facing charges of sexual harassment. 

Dr. James Bressi who is an Ohio-based pain specialist is in court facing charges from three women who say they were inappropriately touched by him when being examined. The accusers say that the doctor had an erection and rubbed it up against them. But Dr. Bressi is claiming that it wasn't his penis but a bottle in his pocket.

His claim is that what these women felt was either a coffee sweetener or a pill bottle, not his penis. You cannot make this stuff up. In his own words:

This has been in my left pocket in my pants for 10 years. Obviously they're big and they tend to bulge out in the pants and they do rub against the patients. As you can see, they're rather phallic-like in their structure. 

I'm not sure what to think here. This just seems like the craziest excuse and I'd like to think that these women know the different between a pill bottle and an erection. As one accuser said, "He still had his pants on but I could feel it on my hands, rubbing up against my hands. I know what an erection is." The claims from the three women are very detailed and are more than just the doctor rubbing his penis or coffee sweetener bottle against his patients.

One patient claims that the doctor put his hands where they don't belong, including in her underwear. Another patient's husband said he saw the doctor touching his wife's private area through the curtain while she was unconscious due to her back procedure.

This is all just awful and now the entire story is being punctuated by a joke. There are reportedly other patients who have complained of Dr. Bressi besides the three in this case. The doctor said that the women who have accused him were just in so much pain that they didn't know what they were experiencing. Okay, doc. Enough.

What do you think of this doctor's excuses?


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Valda... ValdaThomas

Nice try!  "It wasn't me, it was MIO! "  

nonmember avatar Doctor Watchdog

Shows how arrogant Dr. Bressi is: he thinks people are so stupid they will fall for his preposterous excuse.

Sexual misconduct by physicians happens way more than most people even begin to realize, and very little is being done to stop it.

nonmember avatar Foster

Could he have had a pill bottle in his pocket? Yes,it is possible. However, if you put any kind of pill bottle(any shape or form) in a pair of pants and rub it against someone,they will know it's not a penis. An erection may be called a "hard on" but it's still not plastic hard like a pill bottle

Irene Toth


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