Mom Arrested for Forcing Son to Walk 20 Miles Home As 'Punishment'

boy walking alone

No one can drive us as batty as our children. How many times have you just wanted to get away from them for a moment's peace? That must have been the mindset of South Carolina mom Tiffany Simmons. She allegedly kicked her 12-year-old son out of her car after an argument, forcing him to walk 20 miles.

Apparently, things got heated between the mother and son during a shopping trip, and she made him get out of the car miles away from home.

It's a move that landed Simmons in jail. Her son had to wander for hours before making it to the home of a woman named Delinda Duncan at 10:30 at night looking for help. “The little boy was all sweaty, tired, scared so I went in the house and got him a Coke,” Duncan told reporters.

And as much as many moms may empathize with the frustration and anger Simmons likely felt, what she did was a crime. “By the mother leaving the child out of the vehicle in an unknown location, where he was unfamiliar in a different county, put the child at risk," said a police officer.

Not only that, it was a traumatic experience for her little boy. Added Duncan, "This child will never forget this, he will never, ever forget what he went through.” It's a blessing something bad didn't happen during that journey. He could have been hit by a car, snatched by a predator, or even gotten killed.

Hopefully this mom realizes how dangerous her decision was and learns how to deal with her frustrations more constructively.

Do you think this mom deserved to go to jail for this?

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Jacee... Jacee2348

Of course she deserves jail for this! I'm not saying the boy didn't deserve some kind of punishment for his behavior, but this was just plain dangerous.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I'm always hesitant to put a parent in jail for actually disciplining their child, but this was in no way appropriate punishment for a 12 year old child! It seems there's no common sense anymore. You either don't punish your kids at all or you go to such extremes that it becomes child endangerment.

nonmember avatar M

Yes! Jail her and other parents like her! Whoever said this child would never forget it is right and I know it from experience. My mother once did this to me at the very same age, except it was almost midnight and she left me in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city at the time. By the time I made it home she had been out with the cops looking for me because I "ran away". At one point a grown man followed me, and I actually got home by accepting a ride from a stranger because it was stay with the man following me or take a chance. I was lucky because I could have been raped or murdered. A counselor notified CPS for me but they said because it was the first time they'd gotten a complaint against my mom they would not do anything. First complaint, second, third, when a child's life is endangered by a parent they should be punished, period!

Mrs-M Mrs-M

My Mom had my us get out and walk if we pissed her off however, she'd slowly follow behind us. We lived in an agricultural area so it was extremely easy for her to do that safely. Any danger or walk got hard we got back in the car and we NEVER walked over a mile and it was'nt DARK.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

20 miles is a little extreme, don't cha think? .. I once got into an altercation with an ex who just so happened to live literally in the middle of no where .. long story short, I took off walking and when I seen my ex backing out of his driveway I thought for sure he was coming for me. Nope.. he went the other way. I walked for hours and hours into the night, the first car to pass finally picked me up. It had taken me almost 5 hours to get to where I had gotten, I was 23 or 24 and I remember being terrified of the potential creatures of the night. I can only imagine how this poor boy felt!! I was of age and scared, could you imagine a 12 year old boy? What the hell is wrong with this mother, why wouldn't she at least have come back for him when the sun went down??!

nonmember avatar jojo

This was crazy but I don't think jail is what she needs. She got frustrated and it got the best of her. Social serviced need to help her with parenting, and anger management. You don't know what the situation is, maybe she don't know how to discipline her child. I'm not defending this mother but jail isn't going to help someone. It can cause more harm then good.

nonmember avatar phoenix

This wasn't "forcing him to walk home." This was child abandonment. 20 miles from home, in a different county, a child with no idea how to get home...she got sick of being a parent and abandoned her child. She should be charged as such.

youth... youthfulsoul

My mom did this to me 30 years ago when I was about the same age. Not 20 miles, more like 5. Thank god someone from high school saw me walking and picked me up.

Horrible way to parent.

missy... missybest

Yes I think she should have been jailed.  There is no reason to say your child can drive you crazy.  Just stop it!  I am sick of hearing that kind of nonsense.  Why do some you become parents anyway?

adopt... adoption2013

Yeah she should go to jail after she is forced to close walk twenty miles in the summer heat in South carolina.  Wtf is wrong with people?!

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