Mom Arrested for Forcing Son to Walk 20 Miles Home As 'Punishment'

boy walking alone

No one can drive us as batty as our children. How many times have you just wanted to get away from them for a moment's peace? That must have been the mindset of South Carolina mom Tiffany Simmons. She allegedly kicked her 12-year-old son out of her car after an argument, forcing him to walk 20 miles.


Apparently, things got heated between the mother and son during a shopping trip, and she made him get out of the car miles away from home.

It's a move that landed Simmons in jail. Her son had to wander for hours before making it to the home of a woman named Delinda Duncan at 10:30 at night looking for help. “The little boy was all sweaty, tired, scared so I went in the house and got him a Coke,” Duncan told reporters.

And as much as many moms may empathize with the frustration and anger Simmons likely felt, what she did was a crime. “By the mother leaving the child out of the vehicle in an unknown location, where he was unfamiliar in a different county, put the child at risk," said a police officer.

Not only that, it was a traumatic experience for her little boy. Added Duncan, "This child will never forget this, he will never, ever forget what he went through.” It's a blessing something bad didn't happen during that journey. He could have been hit by a car, snatched by a predator, or even gotten killed.

Hopefully this mom realizes how dangerous her decision was and learns how to deal with her frustrations more constructively.

Do you think this mom deserved to go to jail for this?

Image © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis

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