Teen Arrested at School After Writing About Shooting a Dinosaur

Sigh -- RIP common sense. Another day, another story about a teenager whose school decided he was a criminal for expressing himself in a totally harmless way. A South Carolina 16-year-old boy was questioned by police and ultimately suspended for turning in a creative writing piece about killing his neighbor's pet dinosaur.

Because, I suppose, he was a threat to dinosaurs everywhere? Or maybe they assumed his serious hatred toward dinos would result in him lashing out against his peers? Let's ruminate for a moment about what could have been going through the minds of concerned school administrators when they made the choice to completely turn this teen off to school, deny him a creative outlet, and encourage him to bury his imagination.

Alex Stone admits his writing could have been more eloquent, though I'm not sure what we expect from a young teen. In response to a teacher's instructions to write a few sentences about themselves and list a "status" that mimicked a Facebook post, Alex penned: "I killed my neighbor's pet dinosaur. I bought the gun to take care of the business."

Silly, for sure. If I were his teacher, I'd make him write 10 additional sentences about himself as punishment for not taking my assignment seriously. But criminal?

That's what his teacher and administrators at Summerville High School thought. Still, to be fair to them, ALL educators are on such high alert after all of the tragic shootings that have taken place at schools across the country; I don't blame them for taking this seriously. Their hands really are tied.

The root of the problem comes from the top -- there's such paranoia about school violence that we're losing our common sense and failing to distinguish between those students who are truly violent and others who dare write the word "gun" in a creative writing piece. We live in a country where gun use and gun talk is pervasive yet have zero tolerance when a kid confirms this fact via a school assignment. 

Alex was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct because he argued with police. His mother says she was angry that the school didn't call her first. She agrees he should have been made to rewrite the piece but believes that the authorities went overboard.

Alex was suspended for a week. He says he doesn't want to go back to the school and would rather be home-schooled.

Do you think the school did the right thing by calling police?


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Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Really?? We have real problems in this country that the police are not tending to, who in the hell would waste their time with this nonsense?! .. If the student didn't want to take the assignment seriously then he should be graded for his work accordingly. If the students are not allowed to write about shooting guns then I believe that they should be aware of the repercussions of them doing so. *shaking my head*

nonmember avatar Michael

The school did provide a valuable lesson on censorship and the peter principle. So there is that.

EarlG... EarlGrayHot

Clearly he is a little ass to comment on bringing a gun to take care of business. It was the tone and his apparent lack of caring or compassion and his nonsense about bringing a gun that got him in trouble. Good. The little shit deserved it.

Momin... MominAL485

Seriously?! This is way beyond stupidity. Last I knew, dinosaurs have been extinct for the last few million years, so where is the imminent danger to have him questioned, arrested, and ultimately suspended from school? It was after all a creative writing assignment. Obviously has didn't get it correct, but have him redo it. I don't blame the kid for not wanting to go back to the school or mom being angry, cause if it was my son, I'd be seriously pissed off. Instead of dealing with real dangers and threats they're doing stupid crap like this. I guess it's a lesson to all the students at the school.... If you do an assignment wrong or not to our standards you will be questioned by the police, suspended, and probably arrested. How truly ASSINIE!

Happy... Happydad73

So many of you are missing the point. How many shooters gave clues to what they were capable of only to have them ignored because it wasn't aimed at someone or something obvious. In this day and age you don't joke about bombs or terrorists at an airport or about guns in school. This punk thought is was acceptable to not only joke about guns like this in a school where administrators and teachers are on high alert, but then he decided to start arguing with the police. Shows the character of the boy, and frankly it doesn't look good.

miche... micheledo

Sounds exactly like a teens fb status.  So, what was the problem???


tansy... tansyflower

my 4 year old wont shut up about hunting stuff (thanks dad!) and i am bracing myself for a call from the principle saying he was playing imaginary guns in school.  its sad that i even have too worry about it...but i still do.  zero tolerance = zero common sense

Mikelodean Mikelodean

Arrested for that?  Wow, before getting to that point, they should have consulted some therapists first. 

tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't think the police needed to be notified. I also don't think he was actually arrested. It sounds like he was handcuffed and kept at school until he calmed down. They absolutely should have called his parent first. I think the teacher should have spoken with him and just asked him to rewrite the assignment without reference to guns. Now he hates school when it can be a struggle to get teens to go to school.

Jody Alton

Let me guess.  Next, there will be admissions questions, and if kids are aware of the existence of guns, they will not be allowed on campus, right? I have yet to meet a 16 year old boy who WASN'T a little in love with the idea of guns.

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