Mom Gets Laughable Response From Store After Asking About Shirt With Missing Female Superhero (PHOTO)

guardians of the galaxy tAye aye aye. A mom named Kristen recently went into a Children's Place looking for a nifty Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt for her daughter, but was disappointed when she learned that the lone one the store carried was missing Gamora, the only female superhero in the film. Confused by why one of the main characters from the movie would be glaringly absent from a piece of merchandise that features all the other co-leads, the mother wrote to Children's Place, asking, in so many words, "What up with that?"

The store's response? Get ready to be taken back 60 years, ladies ...

Hear that? The shirt's not for girls, so there shouldn't be an icky girl on it at all -- even if she is a bad-ass superhero. I believe in the original draft of Children's Place's response, there was a line about the store not wanting to infect their male customers with cooties.

The store's response, and t-shirt, was completely asinine, but sadly, it's not alone in their anti-Gamora stance. Numerous superhero-loving ladies have spotted Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise that was missing Gamora, and understandably, they're not happy about it -- not just from a fan standpoint, but from a female standpoint. It's like some people are refusing to accept the fact that there's a woman in the movie at all.

Fans of the movie and (former?) fans of Children's Place are feeling kind of ragey about the shirt right now. Numerous people have commented on the store's Facebook page about their positively ridiculous response to Kristen. One commenter wrote:

My son likes Gamora -- there is no good reason why he can't. My daughter likes Rocket Raccoon -- there is no good reason why she can't. Kids aren't only allowed to like characters the same gender as them. If you are representing Guardians of the Galaxy on a shirt, you should include all members. Unless of course you are trying to teach little boys that Gamora isn't an equal member because she's a girl.

Word. It was a silly thing to do in the first place and an even sillier response. But don't worry. Kristen's daughter ammended the shirt in no time:

What do you think of Children's Place's response?


Image via Children's Place

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Senia... Seniahmom

The shirt they are selling is not a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt as it dies not have all the Guardians.

Children's Place fail.

lasombrs lasombrs

Havent seen the movie. Have you tried to find any girl Lego movie stuff? With say wyldstyle or unikitty? Almost non exsistant compared to the boy stuff. Its okay. My daughter just wears her Bad Cop shirt i bought in the boy department. She doesn't care, and i won't turn it into a sexist thing with my kids because it isn't worth getting to worked up over. But come on big companies!! You are shorting yourselves a ton of money by not putting the women superheros on stuff these days!

Einyn Einyn

I get so tired of the whining. If you don't like the shirt don't buy it. Order one online that has what you need. God knows there's gonna be one out there. "Girl" Legos suck but my kid doesn't need pink Legos anyway. We don't cry about it.

Sarah Cazier

Girl legos suck? I bet there is a couple dead cars and chained up rottweilers in the 4 foot tall grass that adorns your front yard. Missing any teeth?

nonmember avatar krystian

Girl legos suck?

Dude you're crazy.

I love Lego friends

Prett... PrettyWings29

You know what I don't like? There are never any cute, ironic t-shirts for women. I have to buy mine in the men section. Just because I'm a woman, places like Kohl's thinks I want to wear tight dress shirts or when they do have t-shirts for women, they are short and form fitting. So men's section, I go. It sucks but if the kid really wanted a certain shirt, I don't see the problem in buying one from the boys section. 

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I haven't seen the movie but as a female comic fan I must say its disappointing to see they excluded the female character that's like a Fantastic Four shirt with Mr Fantastic, the Human Torch, and Thing but no Invisible girl, they wouldn't be the Fantastic Four then would they? They'd be the Fantastic Three. It is understandable if its just featuring a character or duo in a group but completely unacceptable when the only character excluded is on the premise of sex.

OneTo... OneToughMami

Um, when your shirt is missing a main character there's a problem. This isn't about just not buying a shirt. Comic fans take this serious and I can tell how many of you read comics lol

Erin Butcher

my son loves batman and superman and pretty much any superhero that but he would most CERTAINLY point out a missing member of the team, male or female and he is only 3.  and he probably wouldn't want the shirt if it wasn't complete.  he already gets irritated that sometimes the avengers stuff doesn't include hawkeye and black widow. LOL

steph... steph0420

Get over it.

Why must people bitch, moan and complain about every stupid miniscule thing they can come up with.

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