Grandmother Accidentally Shoots 7-Year-Old She Thinks Is Intruder (VIDEO)

A grandmother shot her 7-year-old grandson -- after mistaking him for an intruder. We've heard these stories before of people mistaking their children for intruders and shooting them -- but usually it's not so young. What on Earth could a 7-year-old have done that made him seem like a burglar? Apparently, he shook his grandmother's door.

Grandmother Linda Maddox was reportedly sleeping with her twin grandsons while the children's father was at work. She had placed a chair against the door for extra protection, and sometime during the night she awoke to the sound of the chair sliding across the wood floor.

Apparently assuming it was an intruder, she grabbed her gun and fired one shot in the dark towards the door. That's when she heard the screams of her grandson, Tyler, whom she had hit in the upper torso.

Ugh, how horrible for the little boy! And the grandmother, who must have been completely startled hearing her grandson cry out like that.

Fortunately, it appears the little boy, who was rushed to the hospital, will be okay.

There are a lot of questions here, such as why would the grandmother be so extremely worried for her safety that she not only had a loaded gun near her bed, but also put a chair under the door? Had she been robbed before? Did she live in a high crime area? Does she watch Fox News? (I keed.)

And a loaded gun with two children nearby while you're asleep doesn't sound too safe. Also, what if the children needed to go to the bathroom or leave the room for some reason? Would this not be a consideration when you hear the chair move?

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Well, no sense in Monday morning quarterbacking the scenario, but hopefully people will read a story like this and think twice next time they want to shoot first, assess the situation second. We really have heard this story too many times. This was a mistake, but a reckless one.

So far, no charges have been filed.

Do you think she should be charged?

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Autum... Autumnleaves87

Why in the world would you wake up to noise and instantly think "I need to shoot!!!"? Especially when you have two young children around?? So so so wrong. The poor child. What an idiot this woman is. She should absolutely be charged just for being so terribly stupid.

Prett... PrettyWings29

No, it was obviously an accident. She should not be allowed to watch them anymore, though. 

nonmember avatar Michael

If you have kids in the house and know it you can't just shoot at random noises in the dark. She should be charged.

nonmember avatar Elise

She should be charged, you don't just go shooting at random noises in the dark! I used to sleep walk when I was a kid, I could have been shot a dozen times over except my parents aren't freaking morons.

Prett... Prettymotherof2

She needs charged she is a dumbass that poor baby will have scars for life physically and mentally and the poor father that thought he was leaving his kids with someone he could trust is probably going to need mental help as well.

nonmember avatar charlotte

It's very frightening as a woman alone in a house by yourself. Every little noise scares me it's a lot weird people out there praying on defenseless people. Keep that in mind

nonmember avatar Kellyjuarez033

This is exactly why more states should enforce stricter rules when granting firearm licenses. I think everyone should have to take a firearm safety course to own one. Fear makes us do stupid things, but if she would have had the proper training, she would have realized that shooting before getting a clear identification on her target was stupid. She probably had the best of intentions, but she should probably be charged for reckless endangerment. It was clearly an accident, but all actions come with consequences. I actually feel bad for her, she's probably putting herself through hell.

nonmember avatar Grace

This is so ridiculous and stupid, yes she absolutely should be charged, they better decide to charge her with assault our attempted murder or something. Why would they let someone who acts like this watch their children? Who the hell wakes up in the middle of the night with kids around and starts shooting? Keeping a loaded gun in the house, not to mention within easy reach, with kids there? She should be charged just for that. Shooting her grandson should land her dumb senile ass in prison or at the very least an institution for the criminally insane for the rest of her life.

youth... youthfulsoul

She should be charged. At the very least, she was reckless.

kjjakjja kjjakjja

I hope this nut is charged. She hears a noise moving a chair and shoots without knowing what she's shooting at.

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