Mom Forced to Have Baby at 25 Weeks After Asking for Abortion

pregnant bellyIn extremely upsetting news, a mother in Ireland was forced to give birth at around 25 weeks via cesarean section after she asked for an abortion. The woman, who hasn't been named for obvious reasons, became pregnant after being raped, according to a friend. When she was about eight weeks into her pregnancy, she was refused an abortion under Ireland's 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, which allows women to terminate their pregnancies in only extremely rare circumstances. After she reportedly revealed that she felt suicidal, and was still denied an abortion, the woman threatened to go on a hunger strike in protest. It was then that health officials were granted permission to perform a c-section on the woman to ensure the baby's safety. According to the Guardian, the baby "has been placed in care."

Many people in Ireland, understandably, are outraged with the government's decision to refuse an abortion to a rape victim with suicidal thoughts -- particularly since the exceptions of the law are supposed to be for women whose lives are in danger, and women who feel suicidal in cases such as rape an incest. Doctors for Choice, a pro-choice group of physicians, said, "If a young rape victim, certified as requiring an abortion due to the risk of suicide, cannot access abortion services, then the legislation and its implementation are clearly fatally flawed. Repealing the eighth amendment in an urgent referendum and decriminalising abortion have now achieved emergency status."

Currently, an internal review is being conducted by the Health Service Executive to learn exactly what happened in this particular case. The hope is that it will "end any inaccurate commentary surrounding this matter currently."

Details in this case appear to be pretty scant, and of course, there's always the chance for things to get misconstrued, but if the general gist of this is true -- wow. How incredibly disturbing and heartbreaking. Delivering a baby at 25 weeks is a terrifying, and ironic, way of ensuring he or she survives. Thank goodness the newborn is okay, but my heart breaks for the mother who had to endure not one, but two incredibly traumatizing experiences in such a short time.

Some people are pro-choice and some are pro-life, and never the twain shall meet. But can we all agree that if the basic facts here are true, this is a seriously disturbing, unbelievably sad story?

What do you think of this?


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bills... billsfan1104

I wonder if she was truly raped.

sassy... sassykat122

Billsfan, what a disgusting thing to say. Regardless, what does the mother care? She didn't want the child and a c section is no less invasive than having a vacuum stuck up your vagina and the baby torn to pieces

merma... mermaid13dragon

sad overreach of govenerment.. I'm assuming the baby is struggling to survive in an NIQU somewhere to be adopted by SOMEONE????? 

sassy... sassykat122

MERMAID, at least the baby is struggling alive and gets that chance

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Welcome to religion. This is what they'd like to make happen here. 

nonmember avatar Anna

Depending on where in Ireland they are, then YES religion rules. And maybe if we had more religion in our lives, people wouldn't act so hopeless.

This is a baby, product of rape or not. It does not ask to be apart of our warped society. If she is suicidal from rape, I feel sorry for her. As a woman, yes , I do. But there are worse circumstances, with people praying for the right to live.

An innocent baby should get that right, as well. If a mf came at me, and raped me, as long as I was left living, I would get proper treatment and continue to live. Those rights aren't granted to many murder victims.

Hopefully this baby finds a family that wants him. It is a hard choice, but then again I am pro life. It may be YOUR body, but it is housing another, if you like it or not.

Einyn Einyn

Poor woman. Why make her suffer so much? She should've been allowed the abortion.

TheSi... TheSilence

Are you implying that the abortion wouldn't be traumatic to the woman?

The baby now has a chance at life and this woman never has to see it again, win win situation all around IMO.

IKnow... IKnow0101

Well I'm pro life for me but I certainly wouldn't tell anyone what to do with there bodies. Its a tragedy of getting raped but then having the trauma of carrying a child that is a product of that rape. She had to wait 17 weeks for approval which was the time the baby came viable. What about her rights and mental care?

nonmember avatar Taylor

I don't believe anyone should be able to tell you whether or not you have an abortion, or a c section, I certainly don't agree with abortion and could never kill a baby in me but to each their own, it's their burden to carry and they have to answer to it in the end. If I were her I would've taken the morning after pill and if I still came up pregnant i would do everything I could to have a healthy child and hate myself for even taking the morning after pill. But that's just me. Easier said then done no matter what way you slice it.

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