Boy Runs Away & Lives in Walmart for 4 Days Before Getting Caught (VIDEO)

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A 14-year-old boy was found living inside of a Walmart. The boy, who was living inside a series of forts constructed behind boxes, and stealing food and drink and clothes, managed to go undetected for four days. And I totally have a feeling this will be made into a movie! The boy reportedly ran away from home at some point and decided to camp out in the local Walmart. And I mean, why not? It's got everything you could ever need. Pretty genius idea.

The teen built two campsites, one in the baby aisle, behind boxes of strollers, the other behind walls of paper towels. Being in the baby aisle came in handy, as he was apparently stealing diapers to wear so he didn't have to use the restroom and risk being noticed.

As for food, he merely took that off the shelves. Drink? He cut a hole in the wall behind the drink aisle and pilfered drinks there. He even reportedly stole a fish from the fish section to keep as a pet.

Sheesh, all he needed was a big screen TV.

But it was his trash that finally gave him away -- with employees beginning to notice strange piles of it around.

The boy had apparently run away from relatives and was returned to them. No word on whether the relatives had reported him missing or why he wanted so badly to get away from them.

As cute as this story is, there is something more going on here, and it's not good. While teens do tend to run away for silly reasons (I did it myself a few times), a teen who sets up camp for four days in a store is clearly desperate not to be home.

Yet Child Protective Services is reportedly not getting involved. Nor is Walmart pressing charges.

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This teen could end up being a lifetime troublemaker -- or someone with a brilliant career ahead of him. After all, an adventure of this sort does take some smarts and derring-do.

Let's hope it turns out to be the latter.

Have you ever run away to somewhere interesting?

Image via CBS 11

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nonmember avatar NW

It was a movie. 14 years ago.

Lando... Landon2012

I wonder if he saw that movie anywhere but here with Natalie Portman she stayed at Walmart thru out her pregnancy then got caught when her baby came . Any way I wonder why this young boy would not want to be at home and why did the parents not come looking for him you gotta wonder.

Jacee... Jacee2348

There is nothing "cute" about this story. At all.

momof... momof3198

@landon2012 the movie was actually called where the heart is.

Thoma... Thomas_11

Hopefully home is a safe place.

Lando... Landon2012

Oh yeah I got that movie mixed up

beadi... beadingmom17

Okay, the fish part had me laughing. I would love to know more about why he felt he needed to run away from home. I'm not sure if I should feel sad for him or if he's a little punk. I hope that home isn't bad and that he was returned safely and will stay there.

cherylam cherylam

I had a dream when I was young, and ran away from home at 15. Home life wasn't good at all, I thought I'd have a wonderful life. Anyway, it lasted about a week. Yeah, I learned a lot, was beyond lucky, and came home on my own. It was a really stupid thing to do, but until you know the 'whys', don't judge.

Aamy Aamy


Aamy Aamy

Movie has already been done. Pregnant teen shacks up in a walmart and has her baby there. How sad that he had no where to go.

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