Cop Shoots & Kills Unarmed Teen for Reason Many Aren't Buying

gunFor some people, the word police doesn't mean a person who is there to protect you. That's especially true for black men in certain communities in this country. So often, we hear of cases where police unintentionally kill a suspect. The world was horrified to see Eric Garner die of a heart attack after being placed in a chokehold. And this past weekend, unarmed teen Mike Brown was shot to death in a St. Louis suburb after police say he struggled for an officer's gun. Not surprisingly, many people aren't buying it.

Apparently, around noon on Sunday, an officer approached Brown (who was walking to his grandmother's home, according to his parents) and another man. As the cop exited his vehicle, one of the men allegedly pushed him back in the car and assaulted him. During the struggle, a shot was fired inside the car. As Brown left the scene, the officer shot him about 35 feet way. The report noted that several shots were fired from the cop's gun. 

Since the killing, there have been volatile protests expressing anger, anguish, and pain at what has happened to the 18-year-old, college-bound kid. According to his father, "Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son."

Of course, situations between police and suspects are rarely cut and dry. It always comes down to an epic battle between what the police say went down and what witnesses claim. And this one is incredibly murky. Unfortunately, there is no video as in Garner's death. But this case is shrouded by the questions, What really happened? and Was shooting him the best solution?

To many, this is just another case that proves that the world is more dangerous for black men -- not because of crime, but because of police and the assumptions they make about people of color. Not that being a cop is easy work. It's a dangerous, deadly profession. Most of us can't imagine living each day not knowing if we were going to be killed on the job. So as this story unfolds, we all hope the truth of what really happened emerges.

What do you think so far? Does the shooting sound justified?


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tbruc... tbrucemom

From what I've read, the guy in St. Louis (Brown) attacked the police officer in the car and weighed 280 lbs. The police officer may have been able to use something besides a gun to subdue him instead but I wasn't in his position so I can't answer that. However, there's no mention in this article of the riots, looting and violence that occured afterward. How does that solve anything? What about the HUNDREDS of black men that have been killed by each other this year alone? Why is that not reported? Is it any less tragic?

the4m... the4mutts

Stop with the fucking race card. It makes you sound like an idiot. Cops are no more dangerous (as a whole) to any race, or gender.

In my town, the people that have been killed by police officers, are mostly hispanic. Does that mean the police in my town have it out for brown people?

You might make that correlation = causation argument, but you would be wrong.

Most of the officers in the shootings I spoke of, were also hispanic.

Cops are trained to unload a WHOLE MAGAZINE at the center of body mass if they are threatened.

They will use mace, and tasers if the person is a public problem, but not if they are in danger. The MINUTE a cop is in danger, the gun comes out. Why? Because in most US cities, if the cops started using other measures more often, they would be killed. Perceived as weak, or afraid of being sued.

Like them or not, 99% of officers are here to help us, and they don't just go around killing black kids for fun.

KWill... KWilliams-0513

Thank you the4mutts, you've said it perfectly. Why is the race card played so much when a victim is black, but if he or she was white or any other race for that matter it wouldn't be as publicized? So since this teenager beat up a police officer, you think that the police officer didn't have a right to shoot the kid just because he was black? I stand behind the police officers decision 100%, whether the person he shot would have been black, white, purple, green I think he did the right thing. Which I'll probably be called racist for that too.

Torra... TorranceMom

Ericka, African Americans represent nearly 50% of the population in St. Louis - I'll let you do the math.  If a cop uses deadly force there, there's a good chance it'll be an African American person on the receiving end.  Don't you Libs EVER get tired of playing the race card?

Bruic... Bruickson

Standing ovation to the comments before me. I'd chime in but it looks like you guys got this.

belon... belongs2Jesus

hey let's damper your race card. The cop was also black.

nonmember avatar Michael

A lot of the answer will come when they determine if the man was shot in the back or not.

Mazie... Mazie0723

Yet had it been a white kid no one would question it. Whether you're doing something wrong or not DO NOT fight with the police DO NOT run. You'll have your day in court. Instead these people are resisting arrest and running and instead of court they are dead due to their own actions.

nonmember avatar nubia

Playing the race card has become part of the situation on cases like this. The officers are afraid of blacks because of what we see on the news, officers are afraid of Hispanics because of what we see on the news, the media portrays the news how they want it, like this article to me its using the race card to the fullest, how come it wasn't mentioned how the vigil went from being peaceful to a riot destroying a quick trip, it is a very sad situation but like someone else mention before why would you run from the police you should know you will get shot our consequences are a result of our actions

MamaY... MamaYankee

Yes because stereotypes don't exist lol. Even if it was a BLACK cop that did the shooting-does that mean that stereotypes could not play a part? Why is that so hard for white people to comprehend? You want to know the truth? I get nervous when I see a. 30 + white guy holding a child's hand in the park. White teenage boys in trench coats scare me. Why? Because of school shooter and pedophile stereotypes. Does that give me the right to shoot the first white man I see holding a 6year olds hand? White people are so quick to criminalize the victim based on stereotypes of black people yet refuse to believe that the police can do the same . Btw- I am a minority as well and I STILL stereotype other minorities. The anger comes when a person's life is lost due to stereotypes . Yes we've heard all the stupid " but what about black on black crime ?" BS. It is irrelevant. You shouldn't have to bury your child because he LOOKS like my perception of a school shooter, and I don't want to bury mine because he LOOKS like your perception of a criminal . Rant over.

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