Cop Shoots & Kills Unarmed Teen for Reason Many Aren't Buying

gunFor some people, the word police doesn't mean a person who is there to protect you. That's especially true for black men in certain communities in this country. So often, we hear of cases where police unintentionally kill a suspect. The world was horrified to see Eric Garner die of a heart attack after being placed in a chokehold. And this past weekend, unarmed teen Mike Brown was shot to death in a St. Louis suburb after police say he struggled for an officer's gun. Not surprisingly, many people aren't buying it.


Apparently, around noon on Sunday, an officer approached Brown (who was walking to his grandmother's home, according to his parents) and another man. As the cop exited his vehicle, one of the men allegedly pushed him back in the car and assaulted him. During the struggle, a shot was fired inside the car. As Brown left the scene, the officer shot him about 35 feet way. The report noted that several shots were fired from the cop's gun. 

Since the killing, there have been volatile protests expressing anger, anguish, and pain at what has happened to the 18-year-old, college-bound kid. According to his father, "Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son."

Of course, situations between police and suspects are rarely cut and dry. It always comes down to an epic battle between what the police say went down and what witnesses claim. And this one is incredibly murky. Unfortunately, there is no video as in Garner's death. But this case is shrouded by the questions, What really happened? and Was shooting him the best solution?

To many, this is just another case that proves that the world is more dangerous for black men -- not because of crime, but because of police and the assumptions they make about people of color. Not that being a cop is easy work. It's a dangerous, deadly profession. Most of us can't imagine living each day not knowing if we were going to be killed on the job. So as this story unfolds, we all hope the truth of what really happened emerges.

What do you think so far? Does the shooting sound justified?


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