Mother Wanted for Abandoning Toddler in Meth House

Police are seeking the mother of a 2-year-old girl they say was abandoned in a drug den. Deputies in South Carolina are on the hunt for 24-year-old Amanda Leigh Vosburg, who they say brought her toddler to a house where methamphetamine was located, and left her there. They say that Vosburg left her daughter with an occupant at the house and said she would return in four or five hours -- but she never did.


The caregiver eventually asked some of Vosburg's relatives to take the child, but -- shockingly -- they refused! The caregiver then brought the child to the department of social services.

Meanwhile, two people who were inside the home when the child was there were arrested, one for meth possession, and authorities say that meth was in the home.

Additionally, police say that Vosburg had already tried to abandon her daughter at least once -- allegedly telling a person she didn't know on Facebook that "she could have her child."

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell gave this depressing statement:

This is a heartbreaking story and a far too common scene about a child that was shuffled around, abandoned, and neglected because her mother simply doesn't care. Narcotics not only affect the user but also all family members. This child deserves better and this office will prosecute all those involved in her mistreatment.

This poor little girl didn't ask to be brought into this world, yet she was -- and apparently the very people who should want her and want to protect her and care for her couldn't be bothered. Tragic.

Hopefully this is a chance for the girl to find a home that will care for her. While it's devastating and life-altering to be abandoned by your mother (and other relatives, it seems), it can sometimes be worse to not be. This sounds like one of those times.

Vosburg is wanted for neglect of a child.


Image via Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office


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