6-Year-Old Missing Girl Whose Parents Waited a Day to Call Police Was 'Killed'

Jenise Paulette Wright, the sweet 6-year-old angel from Washington who went missing from her home last weekend, was killed in a wooded area near the trailer park where her family lived, according to police.

The little girl disappeared shortly after she went to bed on Saturday night, but her parents say they waited a day to call police because it wasn't the first time she had wandered around the mobile home park on her own. There were no signs of forced entry into their home and cops do not believe she was taken from her bedroom. Sadly, police found Jenise's body on Thursday, and after an autopsy confirmed she was killed, everyone in town became a suspect.

Investigators have reportedly collected "dozens" of DNA samples from residents in the mobile park community and police plan on expanding their search outside of the trailer park, as well. They've pulled surveillance videos from local businesses and have questioned registered sex offenders who live in the area.

Jenise's parents are also suspects in her murder. Their home was searched and they took lie detector tests -- though the results of both have not been revealed. We do know that shortly after the search for the girl began, their 8-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were removed from their home by child welfare workers -- which makes us question if "probable cause" was found. Cops say both parents are being cooperative.

It's worth mentioning that Jenise's father, James Wright, was charged with molesting two girls, ages 8 and 15, more than 10 years ago, but police say they aren't focusing their attention on his past crimes.

Cops say whoever is responsible for this murder would have emerged from the woods caked in mud. In a sick coincidence, Jenise was murdered in the same wooded area where a 12-year-old girl named Cassie Holden was found killed in 1988. Her convicted killer is currently on death row.

As you can imagine, parents are on high alert in the community. What a devastating end to the search for this little girl -- one in which hundreds of people participated. There are still so many questions here that remain unanswered -- namely, how did Jenise get out of her bedroom? Why would her parents wait a full day to report her missing?

What do you think happened to Jenise?


Image via Kitsap County Sheriff's Office



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babyb... babybelly25

I also have a 6 year old daughter. There has NEVER been a time that I didn't know EXACTLY where she was. These people aren't PARENTS! They just HAVE CHILDREN. I hope that poor baby didn't suffer.

Mrs.D... Mrs.Duncan85

^^^ I live in Silverdale and couldn't agree more

nonmember avatar Crystle

I don't understand not knowing where a child is for a full day! I would be frantic after a few minutes! The poor child was only 6. I always know where my youngest is. He is 11. This is a parenting fail!

Jozemom Jozemom

I'm not at all a helicopter parent, and my kids play outside most of the day. However, I check on them frequently and the second I can no longer hear them I go outside and check things out. There has never been a time I couldn't see them, but if there ever was I couldn't imagine letting it go five minutes, much less an entire DAY!!! How does a parent not panic after an hour of not hearing or seeing their six year old child??? 

Im also very disturbed by the fathers record. First of all, I couldn't stay married to a man who did such horrific things, and secondly he would be the first suspect in my mind. 

Mommy... MommyofMonster

a FULL day?  what the hell?  She was SIX!  THey shold have been searching for her immeadiately and calling the cops after they hadn't found her in an hour!


nonmember avatar Maria

For God sake!!!! Yes this is still a baby to me, Why wait so long to call police? It's very fishy? I would pressed on those so called "parents"

crazy... crazydaisydux

What time did the parents notice her missing? Were drugs involved in their failure to report her missing? Did they sleep off A bender and assume she was at a neighbors? Not enuf info... Why aren't police concerned about dads past crimes?

heath... heather_H83

I think her parents were involved!

I have a 7 year old daghter, and no way in heck Id wait even 24 mins. to call 911. Let alone 24 hrs!!!

Jaide... Jaide2883

My 4 and 3 year old wandered off with the neighbor kids who were 4 and 5. It had only been 10 minutes since someone had seen them and we had half the neighborhood out searching for them. Took us about 10 minutes to find them and I was on the verge of calling the sheriff. I can't understand letting a whole day go by.

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